Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 4


Nope, still waiting to find out.

Have a feeling it’ll be beaten though, apparently a guy who’s 3rd in Cardiff has lost 16kg and they’re on week 6 or 7!


Alreet. Had a ham sandwich. Gonna hav some kind of pasta later i reckon
Glad i resist gettin curry yesterday .


Pretty good day yesterday, cheese and crackers for lunch then vegi bolognese with a small amount of pasta and salad. Overall around 2000 calories. Hoping for a similar day today then a big push once the week starts again.


How’s everyone’s weekend going? (the 20lb challenge I mean, not your social or love life lol)

When I think what I used to eat on a weekend up until we started this, it was horrendous. So much chocolate you wouldn’t believe, plus kettle chips, cakes, sweets and all sorts. But Im still finding Fri-Sun eating is a lot worse than the rest of my week, so that’s something im going to work on next weekend.


This weekend has been terrible for me & will probably be reflected in the scales. Began to doubt the point of it tbh, I mean, my friend lost 90lbs, for what?

Anyway, sobered up, making sense now. The missus has decided she wants to lose some post-pregnancy weight & she has less to lose than me so we go again this coming week but this time there’s competition in the house…


Aye @Chocoholic its hard isnt it sumthing about that mindset, weekend equals treat time, fck it.
Im the same i dont even got the excuse of the working week cos my employments abit uuuh patchy.
This weekend i hammered the booze but didnt hardly eat nowt yesterday. Problem is am starvibg 2day so tryin not 2 go mad

Sorry 2 hear @Darren_Welch its so hard 2 lose a friend it can make evrrything else seem not importent and life seems so unfair. Thinkin of u in this hard time, take care


Ok lads. A really lazy day today. Done nothing all day. Proper lazy day. Sausage and egg, and a bacon and egg on toast for breakfast.
Lunch was a pork diner and tonight I’ve just had a fish cake and fish fingers.
Only time I’ve moved is to go the toilet and the table. Going to do the washing up now. Need to get some steps in lol


Day off for me today, very little exercise, leftovers for breakfast, almond milk porridge for lunch then Turkish takeaway for dinner, probably came in 2500 to 3000 calories, so potentially a slight surplus but not too bad for a day off. Back at it tomorrow, two good days before weigh in on Wednesday morning and I should have a pretty strong result for the week.


Prior preparation prevents poor perfomance.

Or some other bollocks like that.


Chicken & veg with konjac rice in a honey & mustard sauce…

Add them to the curried minced lamb & stir fry that’s portioned up in the freezer from previous batch cooking & we’ll give it a proper go this week. :+1:

Have altered my settings on lose it for 0.5kg a week though, just in case. :rofl:


Evening, gents. Knackered, took my clothes to a launderette this morning, came back, hung them up all over my hotel room and headed into London for a gig.

Lunch was the first thing I ate at about 3pm and then had dinner on the train back to Redhill at about 10:30pm.

B: N/A
L: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, vegan sweet potato biryani wrap.
D: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, 2 sweet potato and onion bhajis, cheese and onion sandwich.
S: N/A
E: 11k steps and a whole load of headbanging!
W: Over 3 litres.

All in all about 1,500 calories consumed. Another good day at the office. Off to iron my shirt for the morning, can’t believe it’s Monday already.


Heading to the gym in an hour for spin class. Good to get the heart pumping. No breakfast as yet but I’ll get something when I get back. Will be about 11.30.
Scales today showing my lowest for years. Well aren’t they all but I don’t think I’ve been this weight on nearly 12-13 years. Long way to go of course.
Lunch will be tuna mayo sandwiches with some for tomorrow also.
Dinner home made chicken goujons.

There’s some crisps there but I’ll have to try refrain from them today
Water will be usual 4litres +
Over all I can see a good calorie day.

First month nearly over.


Well that’s the big weekend over and done with. Lessons learned - i still cant control my boozing. I think the issue is that I drink too quickly and I should learn to sip and savour, Food wise was not too much of a disaster. I enjoyed the celebration lunch, no dinner and a fairly healthy breakfast.
Thing is I felt shitty most of Sunday. Lethargic rather than hungover. Bodlily functions seem to be in overdrive trying to kick out all the poison and excess. 12 hours of travel ahead of me. KLM’s food wont be too hard to turn down so it should be a decent fast as I wont eat except for some fruit until Tuesday morning. Not expecting anything special on the scales this week.


Well done @Greenballs. Great effort

Just finished my lunch. Tinned tuna with salad. Back to it.
Last night I knocked up my big toe nail. That was sore. Woke up this morning and it’s still tender. Looked at it and it had been bleeding. Managed to put my socks on. When I changed into my boots at work the sock is already blood stained. I’m hoping to get to circuit training tonight. I’m just hoping this won’t restrict me.


Sneaky peek on the scales this morning, pleasantly surprised after the chocolate & cookies binge & on plan so far today.


Had a cheese sandwich at lunch. It wasnt rly on plan but am not sure my plan is that good so am not 2 bothered breakin it haha


Hey @Drums1875 how weird! At about the time you were writing this I was on a 14 mile walk. It has taken me 2 years to ‘wear in’ my walking boots, to the point they are comfortable with either a pair of ankle socks and sports socks, OR two pairs of thin work socks. Today was very cold so I wore a pair of thermal socks for the first time, which are clearly much thicker than all of the others, as despite having cut my nail before going out I now have blisters and bleeding toes for the first time in about six months. I could feel my feet succumbing as I walked and thought to myself - What an evolutionary f’kup - Toe nails are supposed to protect your toes, yet (I guess they haven’t caught up with sh!tty shoes yet) seem to cause more ‘bleedin’ problems. Of course if I persevere and wear in the boots with thermal socks, they’ll be big enough to rub in the summer when I wear thinner socks. Sock it all :slight_smile:


Hey @Biffa94 sounds like we are on the same plan :joy: Stick with it m8, you are doing fine.


Haha cheers i call it flexible , i try different things but i let them go if they dont work 4 me… i cudnt face a 2nd week of starving all day everyday ha


No diet should be like that.

That’s why you need to find lower calorie foods that you like, that fill you up.


Aye. Iv noticed i tend 2 b more on the less food but higher cal side then some. Which is fine 2 a point specially when i do fasting but it went abit far last week. I just hope iv got decent loss 2moro cos that was how come i done it