Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 4


I may not be as experienced at losing weight as some on here but I’ve got a vast experience of failing to lose weight and this is a way I’ve failed in the past. Eating small high calorie amounts can give you a good number on the scale for a day or even a week but in my experience it’s very hard to stick to and when you come off it you like the pounds back on because you’re used to high cal foods. Good luck for tomorrow regardless!


Very good day so far for me, sandwich for breakfast, tomatoes and fish for lunch, two oranges as snacks, now home for vegi chilli. I make it around 1600 calories total. Also had a good gym session.

Speaking of the gym, it’s amazing how much less busy it is already compared to the first week of Jan, didn’t have to wait for any machines!


Aye. I will try. I dunno of it is a myth or fact about calories and price of food. Its how come i eat loadsa beans


Definitely seems to be cheaper for high calorie stuff. When I first moved to London I had no money and I put on 5 stone in 18 months, (because why wouldn’t you buy 5 donuts for 49p?) But there are ways round it, buy stuff like rice and lentils in bulk can help you make healthy meals on the cheap.


Aye. When i was 18 n startd livin by myself i put on 4stone in a yr. Being skint n shite at cooking or being responsible generally, disasterous all round!!!


My tea was left over pork and stirfry vegs.
I went to circuit training this evening and it really works you. I don’t know why but having a few beers Saturday and a lazy Sunday where I’ve eaten more stodgy carbs. I feel as if I’ve out on weight. I’ve had a good week upto then. Today back on point but not feeling it at the moment. Lets see tomorrow when we weigh in.
By the way @JPLANT our circuit training was bursting. Every station was taken up.


Imposed a food curfew of 10pm unless I am out playing football.

So last meal of the day is here… think I will amazingly have a loss come tomorrow.

The binge involved 5 creme eggs, 24 jaffa cakes, 20 sultana cookies & about 14 x 2 finger kit kats… so rather bemused tbh.


Thank u 4 sharin ur binge its all out in the open here eh. Itll b ok u will get past it i hope u not been temptd 2 hav another U take care (ps lasagna looks lush)


I blame the alcohol, not drunk like that for a very long time & it will be a very long time again.

Still, weight loss is weight loss…


Over how long did you munch that lot?


Goes that way sumtimes eh, u dont make as good decisions when ur drunk!! Must admit i went 2 far at the weekend. Ah well if we got away with it this time!!!


My gym is still rammo at the moment. Hit the weights earlier, then a swim after but pool was so busy everyone was getting in each others way

Not looking forward to scales tomorrow morning. Good week of exercise. Some good days with food but some bad ones too. Been constantly hungry and lots of cravings. Good luck tomo lads!


Evening, all. Good day again, was determined to hit 11k steps so walked around Tesco for an hour and then up and down the hotel corridor 4 times. Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow morning!

B: 2 veggie sausages, beans, 1 slice of dry brown toast.
L: Soup and salad.
D: Wicked Kitchen sweet potato pakora wrap, 4 falafel and hummus, 3 x 10 calorie jellies.
S: Banana.
E: 11k steps.
W: Over 5 litres.

If you haven’t tried that sweet potato pakora wrap from Tesco, give it a whirl, it’s vegan but it’s immense!



During the course of the weekend… but mainly on Friday night…

It’s done now, still lost 0.4kg.