Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 5


New thread. Week 5

Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 4

Morning all. 5 down this week which is really pleasing. After it stalled last week I’m glad to sea results this week. Takes me to 13lbs down for the challenge and I’m now at my lightest for years again. I seem to be breaking my own records.
Spin class booked for this morning then I’ll grab a bite to eat after.


For those of you who might struggle:


-6lbs this week which takes me to -14.5lbs for the challenge. Back on track to get the 20lbs done for sure!


Great work both of you!


I’ve gone up 1lb. So I’m scratching my head a little. Ok I went and had a few beers Saturday. Not a big sess, and food wasn’t that bad. Sunday was a lazy day and probably ate more than I would like but not massively compared to my previous life. Got a few circuit training in and you can’t hide in those classes. So a huge life change for me. Anyway, let’s not get to despondent


Down 13.4lb so well on way. Only I had wanted Xmas weight off plus 20. May as well abandon that plan. nothing big planned only an end of January meal planned for Thursday with the family. Should retain focus


Down 0.4kg which is just under 1 lb.

After the week I have had, I will take that.

5.1lbs down for the whole thing & clearly not going to hit 20lbs but we will keep going.


Up 0.5lb…Could have been a lot worse after my blow-out weekend. Am back on the campaign now and working towards a big week of weight loss. No booze, healthy eating, smaller portions, more water, more exercise. Keep it up everyone.


Down 5.8 lbs overall…nice and steady losses week-on-week and definitely getting healthier through Intermittent Fasting. About to up the cycle training in readiness for getting back out on the road with local club, and I’ll be over two stones lighter than last season (I’ve already lost that, 13% bodyweight)…and a further 10 lbs ahead of my return to the club circuit I should be 17.8% of bodyweight lighter by first week April, my planned return.


Done me weigh in. 2lbs, wants 2 of been since i felt like i was half starvin all last week haha. Hopefully no problems from the fact am gan in2 the next stone if i lose any more an thats always summit 2 get ur head round well it is 4 me


I am soooo hungry tired and cold tell u what am havin a decent lunch ill hav lite tea 2 make up 4 it


Sorry for the sounds of silence this past week. I have been logging in and reading and then not taking the time to write. I like to make pathetic excuses that you are all already asleep by the time I finish my day so it doesnt really matter. The reality is that it does because it really is more for me; to help keep myself accountable. I definitely choose better when I decide to be honest and record what I eat and do.
So with my reading, it did help keep my mind okay and I was able to lose just over two pounds. Feel like I could be ready to turn the corner and get some momentum going.
Here’s to a better than ever week 5.


Breakfast today scramble eggs and toast
Lunch was rice with peppered chicken
Dinner not sure yet as won’t be hungry. I’ll make a sandwich with some coffee.
Snack was some cheese crackers.

Got the spin class in this morning and gave it loads.
No class tomorrow so will get a walk in


Back on it again yesterday and I’m properly up for it!

Had porridge and nutella for breakfast
Tuna, rice and sweetcorn for lunch.
For dinner I had a chicken royale from burger king (I didn’t snack all day so I treated myself after football.)

Didn’t drink anywhere near enough.
Probably hit 2l of water but sweated a lot after playing football and I also went in the sauna after so should have drank more.


Down 3 lbs on the week and 10.2 lbs since January 1st - that averages 2.5 lbs per week which is about ‘normal’ for me when I make the effort.

Given we are 29 days in to a 64 day challenge the 20 should be doable - but to make sure I’m planning on giving up the booze for February (well it is only 28 days). I gave up for ‘Stoptober’ and into November, but allowed myself to drink through December. I had planned to give up for January but after a week opened a cupboard and was confronted by ‘the spirits of Christmas past’ :wink:. So the plan is to have no booze left in the house by tomorrow night, giving me Thursday to get it out of my system. With a bottle of Shiraz and half a litre of voddy left it’ll be a challenge, but I’m sure I’m up to it :grin:


I never heard your ‘sounds of silence’ @Orion1 !


Hey @Biffa94 a gr8 result mate, you should feel well proud. But you shouldn’t feel like you are starving.

Look at where you get your calories from, and see if you can get ‘more bang for your buck’ in other ways.

I had a friend who did the 5:2 diet and complained she struggled to stick to 600 calories on the ‘2’ days. I know it is tough changing lifelong habits. By choosing low calorie foods over high, I can stuff my face to bursting and still lose weight - just as a ‘for example’ If you wanted you could have;

Breakfast - 2 egg plain omelette OR a banana (average calories well under 150 for either)
Lunch (my traffic lights again…) Granny Smith apple, 10 cherry tomatoes, a banana. (around 200 calories)
Dinner - Home made chicken stir fry. The chicken is around 106 cals per 100gr, the veg varies (but is MEGA LOW) - but given you have only used 350 calories so far you could have 300gr of chicken for 318 cals, which gives you a total of well under 700 calories…

If you are limiting yourself to less than 1200 calories a day that still gives you 500 cals for veggies - trust me depending on your choices that could be be as much as 5 KILOS!!! who the fek could eat that much food?? … trade in the 5 kilos for ‘some veg’, then you can have dessert of fruit and yogurt or even a glass of wine/tinny :slight_smile:


Nice 1 pal aye yea am gonna look in2 that , healthy options so i can eat more. Iv been doin fasting an am gona stick.with it but i think the lengths of times of it been psuhing it abit far tbh. Will hav 2 think of some veg i like n that…lucky for me most of them!!


I know what u mean @Biffa94, I have been doing the same. I know you said your work is a bit unreliable, so what do you do when u aren’t working? For me, I would sit in front of the computer wasting my life. :frowning:

Now instead I walk - triple bonus - I’m burning calories, getting fresh air, and not getting home in time to think about what is for lunch! My first meal of the day isn’t until around 2pm or later, so generally eat less over the day.