Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 5


Oh aye like its best keep busy! I try 2do stuff like gym, i volunteer sumtimes, also quite like a walk ever now n then


Holy Crap! You guys absolutely smashed last week! Some great numbers pulled there nice one


B: porridge, banana
E: apple, french fries crisps
L: chicken & veg in honey & mustard sauce, liberte yogurt, square crisps
S: 4 ryvita with 2 dairylea light triangles
To come:
D: Lasagne, salad

Numbers look like this:

My Tuesday night football has been cancelled tonight so haven’t factored in whether I am going for a walk or run yet.

I like my new settings (based 0.5kg a week loss).
Whilst I am still aiming lower, I have the comfort zone if I still l feel peckish!


Well done everyone. Myself I’m a lb up. A bit peed off with it. The week before I put in A lot of effort for a lb down. This last week I was, what I think, another good week other than Saturday. But never over ate albeit had a couple of beers. Sunday was a lazy day and could have done better food wise but still not gone over the top. The way I’m living compared to how I use to is a massive change. I’ve upped my training to circuits and that’s a tough work out. So with that, I would have thought I’d be losing something, but seems to be stalling. If I have to cut everything out and stay on track for 7 days a week for the rest of my life they can go a sing for it. I know I’m a lot fitter, stronger, thinner, but I also need to live my life.

Anyway, food was 3 small chicken thighs with a salad. Tea was a chicken breast wrapped in bacon and stirfry vegs.

Again well done everyone.


Evening, gents. Good day had here. Lost 5.1kg at the football since last week which may or may not have been slightly manipulated with taking on a lot of water and food before last week’s weigh in!

B: 3 boiled eggs.
L: Soup.
D: Salt and vinegar chickpeas, 2 protein energy bars.
S: Banana, pack of M&M eggs, 2 x 10 calorie jellies.
E: Man v Fat football.
W: Over 4 litres.

Light day as always before weigh in, awarded myself a small treat of M&M eggs after which I offered around but no one wanted any!

I’ll probably have a bit of chocolate over the next 2 days as I’ll be giving up chocolate for February for DeChox for the British Heart Foundation! It’s gonna be a tough month.

Hope you’re all well!


I only went for a run tonight so I could have a Maxibon ice cream sandwich. :rofl:

The numbers still speak for themselves:


Fairly decent day today. Quite a bit of rushing about but still managed to make the right choices.

Breakfast was the usual porridge
Lunch was a low fat tuna sandwich with carrots
Dinner was a low fat sausage & mash ready meal (nearly had a burger at football as was running late but I took it with me!)
Got back from football and had a Corned beef sandwich thin as a snack.

Smashed it in the gym again today, half hour on the cross trainer at a fairly vigorous pace.


Morning boys, weighed in today at 304.4, so 3.8 down for the week which I’m very happy with, takes me past a stone for the year so far. Yesterday was a good day, sandwich for breakfast and lunch, tomatoes and a bit of cheese as snacks, houmous and celery for dinner. Feeling very positive about this week, keep up the good work everyone!


2 things i gotta deal with 2day. Its sum1s birthday so i dunno what 2do about cake , like is it a snub 2 say no???
Then, the absolute cheek of it, my gym class is FULL!! So thats me missin out!! Ill just hav 2 do best i can at normal gym


Yesterday was good overall. I didn’t make my walking goal, but I did eat on point 100%, so that is good. Looking like a repeat of yesterday except for a bunch of shoveling of snow as a storm came through last night. Having oatmeal first and then heading out to the driveway. Hopefully it’s light.


If you do end up having cake make it a small slice, it’s easy to be like oh well I’m having cake, I’m breaking my diet so I’ll have lots, but if you have just a small amount you’re not being rude and you could still keep your calories low


DONE lol thank u


Iv just lookd back on my weightloss reasons n realised theyr all rubbish like stuck in the past. I think am best not overthinkin it tho, i suppose reasons arent necceassry important. Ok day. V self control around the cake lol


Had a big mac today as had a massive craving after seeing the advert. Only the mini one though and i will make sure I stay within my budget.


Omg yea they got that campaign about is it still a big mac?? Haha yea there will b no complaints from me bout them puttin some bacon in…oooh i wish, id scran that right now me lol. Mite look into these mini ones an all not heard of that

As it is i had me wee slice of cake n abit vegetable soup. Not decided bout tea yet


Evening all. Busy day today. Got a walk in this morning 4.5km then another 4km this evening.
Food was breakfast porridge with semi skimmed milk and some coffee
Lunch 2 sandwiches with chicken slices and cheese and some cheese crackers
Dinner home made pancakes
Snacks 4 light digestive biscuits

Under calories and exercise above what i expected to do.


Boring day food wise.
B non
Snack birthday cake (small slice)
Lunch veg soup
Tea cheese sandwich , different soup

Theres a chance ill hav some.cereal yet but need 2 get me.arse off the settee 1st. Hate gan back out in the cold 4 the gym, does ne1 else hav this problem!!!?


Good evening chaps. Food decent today. The usual salad with 3 small chicken thighs. Tea was mixed veg omelette with some small cut pork belly draft.

Did a hiit with weights class tonight. Next planned circuit is Saturday morning as long s I can stay in Friday.


Got a bit of a dilemma, left work late today, around 9ish, having eaten around 1000 calories for the day so far, only to find that all the trains have been cancelled so setting off for a two hour, at least, bus trip home. Question is do I grab something to eat when I get back, which would probably be sensible and prevent me being really hungry when i wake up tomorrow, or take the opportunity for an extra large deficit today that may have a longer term impact.


Personally if eat that’s too few calories