Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 5


If you’re hungry, eat. If not, don’t.


B: porridge, banana
E: apple, french fries crisps
L: tuna salad, liberte honey yogurt & banana
S: 2 crumpets with butter, mini cheddars, a kitkat
D: chicken breast steak, homemade potato wedges in skins, chopped tomatoes with onions & mushrooms, strawberry shortcake yogurt.

Ate more than expected but in the scheme of things we are fine.


Evening, gents. Ate a lot today, below my TDEE I would’ve thought, but I’m feeling uncomfortable having done so. Decided, sitting at 6k steps for the day at about 8:45pm, that I was going to hit 11k steps and that I wasn’t going to be such a lazy bastard.

B: 3 egg cheese and onion omelette, 2 hash browns, beans, 2 buttered toast.
L: Battered halloumi, chips and peas with mango chutney.
D: Vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs with strained yoghurt, vegetable stew with halloumi and all the pita bread.
S: Large bag of Popchips Crazy Hot.
E: 12.5k steps.
W: Over 4 litres.

Hope you’ve all had a good day!


So ended yesterday on only around 1000 calories, which probably worked out at a deficit of around 2000. Going to have a bit of a re-feed today, aiming for around 2500 calories.


So I got up for spin this morning when some people were deciding whether they should get up or not.
Breakfast was a strange one. 4 light digestives buttered. You know the drill.
Just had some lunch as I was hungry. Same sandwiches as yesterday. Chicken and cheese. Going out to the rainforest cafe later with our daughter. Some may know it and some not. Good for the kids. And their meals are on fitness pal. Plenty of calories to play with and have a good 1500 cals for a dinner if I want to indulge.
2 litres water already. Should be another 2 in the afternoon


We’ve got another couple days of below zero weather. The car started so that was good. The kids school had a Head’s Holiday encouraging everybody to stay home. Keeping the water running so as to not have frozen pipes. In two days, it will be in the 50’s. The weather forecasters say it will be about a 70 degree difference within two days; Fahrenheit of course.

Ate well yesterday, but did not get the steps in that I wanted, but nothing I ate that would be of any concern. Hoping to walk a bit more today through the hallways at work as I am not walking outside. Breakfast was some oatmeal with cinnamon mixed in. I am planning on the school’s salad bar for lunch today and unsure of dinner at this point.

Best wishes all.


Stay safe @Orion1. Some temps being recorded this year over there


No snow here yet!

Yesterday was a complete write off. Started off well enough but then had some cake, some snacks and stopped counting - probably well over what I should have had - oh well, today is a new day (and will be a good one I promise!).

Went to the gym this morning, as it’s out in the sticks I didn’t want to risk not being able to make it tonight.

Just had a soreen bar for breakfast with a banana.
Lunch will be a noodle/broth ready meal type thing
Undecided for lunch. Haven’t snacked at all yet.


Everything mapped out for rest of the day.

Have football at Soccerworld this evening.


Well I’m going to try this 5:2 diet. So I ate last night at 7.30 due to hiit class. So today I’m only allowed 600 calories which is basically my lunch. It came in just over but I had to take out the cheese. I had this at 4pm so no more food for me today. If the weather holds up well be going dancing. You can get a bit of a sweat but that’s only because the room is hot.

Had to go the hospital today for my weight. Been going for about 12 months. I can, if I want, have the weight loss op. So I’ve had my weight recorded and I’m down 2 lb above my lowest just before I started my Christmas party season. Over all about 75lb loss. Now this started in earnest around last easter time so ok. I’ve decided against the op and carry on with what I’m doing for now. So they’ve discharged me for now, but can go back if I need to.

Let’s hope I can cope without anymore food for the day.

Good luck everyone


Belt gone in another notch this week on the fat boy trousers. Such a good feeling (if a bit girly!)

Been lactose free since last Friday night and eating well too


That is great news. Keep in mind how successful you have been for those days that just suck and don’t mind the scales if there is a blip or two. You’ve done well, Keep doing what you’re doing.


So I have walked 200.39 miles in January - that’s nearly three times as many miles as the car did!

Green and mean - that’s me LOL :rofl:


Let everyone know how you go on 5:2. There’s a reason I never entertained this two years ago when two friends did it, lost weight, then piled it back on again.

I knew it wouldn’t be sustainable for me which is why I didn’t entertain it.

Let’s see how you go; it’s a variation on IF, but with, I think, obvious long term flaws.


Canny day
B non
L 6 crispy slice garaboldi thingys
T quorn curry ready meal
Snacks 2 apples, 3 square of chocolate

Exercise non in particular


Had a crap day today where I went into meltdown and stopped counting. My season is over now so I think that might be me subconsciously thinking I can eat what I want before weigh in. Rest of the week is going to be a write off I think.


Don’t reckon it’s girly at all mate. I have trousers from 42 to 32 waist… I’m luxuriating in all of my old 34’s at the moment… the 32’s are still eluding me. I reckon this time I should get rid of the biggies, so’s I can’t go back there again :slight_smile:


Rule 1 in weightloss: you have a bad day, you don’t write off the whole week.


Is there any need to go to 5:2 when what you have done so far has worked for you?

Curious why the change…


U can do it @Josh is there ne way we can help??