Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 5


Honestly…am in bed by ten as per most days this week. Feel drained like i got no blood. I bet like everymorning this week its a struggle 2 get up. If that sounds lazy + weak so be it. But am gettin up n doin what i gotta do even so.
Dunno probs the cold weather or summit.


Evening, all. Just decked it in some mud landing on my knees on the pavement. Apparently mud doesn’t freeze here like every bastard fibre of my body has done. Not in too much pain so shouldn’t affect anything, maybe a little stiffness for a few days.

B: 3 egg mushroom and onion omelette with beans.
L: Soup, veg curry, rice and naan bread.
D: Vegan sweet potato biryani wrap, apple and peanut butter.
S: N/A
E: Fit for Life - 45 minutes boxing pyramids and squats.
W: Over 6 litres.

Also hit 11k steps for the 7th or 8th day in a row. Thinking about doing 12k steps a day in February as I quite enjoy walking with my music cranked up.

Hope you’re all well.

@Josh - don’t be so bloody silly throwing away the hard work you’ve put in so far. There are a few weeks left of this challenge, don’t be disappointed at the end of it. We’re here if you need help, either on the thread or through private message.

Hope 5:2 works for you, @Drums1875, just be careful not to overdo it during the 5 as you still need to maintain a calorie deficit over the week to lose weight. Good luck!

@Biffa94 - it’s Baltic, lad. Someone I know didn’t want to get up this morning, as our old mate @Tinyballs pointed out this morning.

@Unimatrix0 - I’ve kept hold of my 60" jeans for comparison, everything in between my current 50" pair had been, or will be, thrown out. It’s liberating throwing out clothes that will forever be too big for you. Good effort on the walking as well, mate!

@Chocoholic - you’re killing it, mate. Hate belt shopping so I bought a hole punch for my belts. They’re now more holes than belt! Keep up the good work, hopefully you’ll be needing a new belt soon!

@Orion1 - good effort keeping up with the diet when you can’t get the exercise in. Some people, like myself previously, would use it as an excuse to over indulge. Keep going and be sure to send over some warmer temperatures when you get them!

@JPLANT - your calorie requirement seems quite high. My TDEE at 25.5st is just over 3,000 calories. I assume you’re exercising a fair bit to require that many calories?

@Darren_Welch - hope you’ve stuck to what you posted earlier with regards to the tracking!


Omg nitemare hope ur ok!! If it makes u feel ne better i stepped in a massive dog shit earlier, i hoped it mite b frozen but nope, musta been fresh!!


Don’t get what you mean? Do you mean my own tracking?

I have not long been in from football, -3 degrees, short sleeved compression top, long sleeved football top, long sleeved compression top & finally another football shirt. Add in gloves & hat & it was lovely and warm…

I changed my food choice when I got back, so slightly better than earlier…


Get well soon…


Definitely gave me a laugh, mate! :joy:


Typo, mate. Meant to put “with regards to”. Good effort though, was out in the rain on Tuesday night, it’s not nice this time of year.


To be fair I am experimenting this week, to see the effect of the increase in calories.

Science says I should still lose weight, whilst giving myself room to cut further in coming weeks.
By quitting MvF & not having to worry about team weightloss etc I am free to experiment without consequences other than my own progress, so that is what I am doing.

So daily allowance is currently 2339 day & I am allegedly 1500 under that so far in 3 days.
It doesn’t even feel like a diet this week, with the odd kitkat, jaffa cakes, ice cream…

We’ll see the result next tuesday… good or bad.


Don’t give in to the temptation of stopping. From my own experience, when I have a bad day and feel like giving up it can lead to another day and another and another. The good news is that you actually recognize the bad day which now gives you the upper hand on not repeating it tomorrow.


My TDEE is also around 3000, I weigh 304 pounds and exercise 3 times a week. I’m normally aiming for around 2000 calories a day but went up to 2500 yesterday as I’d only hit 1000 the day before. So far (excluding the big week 1 drop which is just water weight) I’m averaging 1kg per week which seems about right to me. I’m not hitting the big weight loss numbers like some on here but I’m pretty happy with how it’s going! How big a deficit do you aim for?


Just a kick start things up again. I’ve also starred counting my calories and noticed I’d been eating far to much cheese so I’ll be cutting back on that. I’ve been stuck around this weight for the last 3 months yo yoing so it’s just a bump start.


Cheese is an absolute killer for me, so easy to snack on, so many calories.


Good day yesterday, normal sandwich for lunch, nandos for dinner (sweet potato wrap and multigrain side, 1000 calories) and doubled up on my nuts and veg through the day for a total of 2500 as planned.

On a separate subject I’m struggling to get enough protein into my newly vegetarian diet, most things that have good protein (nuts etc) are high calorie too so I can’t work enough of them in, any suggestions?


Well it’s the start of the month where I weigh myself and measure all those important parts.

So I’m currently 309 lb, down from 322 lb. A massive 13lb down over the month. I’m 1/2 " down on my neck, and a full 1" on my chest, belly button and bum. If I could do that again for the forth coming month I’ll be well chuffed.

I started and completed my first 600 calorie day yesterday. So I ate 1 meal at about 4pm after. My last meal before was 7.30 the night before. I’m currently sitting in a coffee house overlooking the site I’m working on that don’t start till 8am and have a black coffee in front of me. Also purchased a granola cake for my treat later for about 11.30 when I’ll have my lunch. So here goes everyone. Let’s try and stay focused.

By the way. I’m going to keep up the diet for the other 5 days.


Fantastic, well done!


@atb88 is prob the best one to ask


Eggs, chickpeas, lentils, broccoli, yoghurt, quinoa, chia seeds, peanut butter, cottage cheese (:face_vomiting:), beans. It’s definitely a lot more difficult than I first expected.

You can combine the yoghurt, peanut butter and chia seeds with some fruit and nut milk in some overnight oats - plenty of recipes online for those, I used to have low fat Greek yoghurt, chia seeds, peanut/almond butter, bananas and blueberries mixed in with rolled oats and almond milk for breakfast for a while. Mix them all up the night before and enjoy the next morning. It’s a stodgy old mixture but I really like it.

If you like prepping food, there are plenty of veggie meal ideas online. I haven’t started yet due to my living situation, but once I find a place, I’ll be getting involved. Chickpeas, lentils and beans with some broccoli filled healthy sauce is probably the best bet. Could even bang in some yoghurt for a creamier sauce?

With regards to the TDEE deficit question, I aim for at least a 1,000 calorie a day deficit to get 2lbs loss a week. I don’t factor exercise into my calories though, it’s purely food based, so hopefully there’s a slightly larger deficit. I don’t trust the calorie outputs of my smart watch or exercise machines which is one of the reasons I don’t factor them in. I’m also quite full on 2,000 calories a day these days.


Thanks for the detailed reply, anything that means more peanut butter in the diet has got to be good! I’m thinking about trying some vegan protein powder also, if I can find something that doesn’t taste grim.

I’m with you on the ignoring calories on the machines thing, in the past I’ve made the mistake of thinking you could include those and let you eat more. Needless to say it didn’t get me anywhere!


What’s everyones opinion on cheat days/weeks?

I’m thinking about just having a “cheat weekend” and then getting back on it for the next 14 weeks while the season is still on, get all my cravings out of the way…


I craved a McDonald’s 2 weeks ago. Had it then a few days after I had Cheesecake Factory then pizza. Now don’t crave McDonald’s and the rest I can live without. Put on a few lbs which I got off but that was me getting lucky. I could have went the other way