Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 5


It’s an idea that’s been taken from bodybuilders, we don’t really need them. They’re actively trying to increase their calorie intake to build muscle whereas we’re trying to remain in deficit to lose fat.

I’d encourage you not to restrict anything from your diet as you’ll end up in the situation you’re currently in whereby you’re craving “bad food”. No food is bad food, too much of any food is bad for you.

Build a relationship with food that allows you to eat what you want, within reason, provided it fits into your calorie limit and forms part of a balanced diet.

For me, I used to embrace cheat days, but I don’t really bother with them any more. They made me feel like shit that evening and for the days following and often interfered with my weight loss.


It does feel good doesn’t it! Good man back in your 34s!

I’m not carrying much fat anywhere else apart from a HUGE belly. It’s got worse and worse in recent years. Gradually had to loosen the belt, then undid top bottom of jeans/trousers and hid that with belt, gradually going out a notch at a time. I couldn’t hide it anymore so I went and bought the next size trousers up up a few months ago (and t-shirts etc) but they were already tight when I bought them. So had to undo the buttons again and hide with belt. I was gutted. It’s nice to be starting to go back the other way for first time in ages

PS I see on the weight loss thread you’ve caught up (down?) with my weight now! Challenge accepted sir!


Cheers @atb88. I was drilling holes in the belt, but unfortunately to make it bigger. Nice to be in a few notches for a change. You’re doing really well mate kept it up. Sorry to hear about the fall! Nice soak in epsom salt bath will sort you out.

@Josh Don’t give in buddy! It seems like you need to sit down and make a weight loss plan (whatever that may be) and commit to it. It’s no good “writing off” days at a time or you’ll be back to square one. If you have a bad snack, or meal then instantly get back on track afterwards. Break the negative cycle mate - it’s tough but that’s what we’ve got to do.


Appreciate the advice guys. I get what you’re all saying, I felt great while eating the crap but felt sluggish after.

@atb88 get what you’re saying about don’t cut anything out completely but some food is a gateway food for me. Once I start with fast food I can’t stop eating, not sure why.

@Chocoholic cheers mate. I have my plan and usually I’m pretty good at sticking to it. I think it’s just because my season is over I feel like this is my time to be able to eat what i want without letting anyone down, but I’ve only let myself down.


And you’re the most important. :blush:


I think a cheat meal is ok cos it helps u stop cravin stuff n its more realistic long term. I think cheat days can make u feel worse tho like @atb88 said. Also risk of binge if u hav binge eating problems, i kno i do.
That said am having a PLANNED takeaway 2nite. I dont think long term i can say no more takeaways ever again. Gotta hav the odd 1. Gona try not 2 go mad tho lol


Yeah I have the odd takeaway, you’ve just got to be cautious when you order, e.g. have a side salad rather than a naan.


I am not having cheat days, I have upped my calories everyday to experiment with what I can get away with, in terms of eating more ‘normally’ whilst still losing weight.

Time will tell.


Make your own!

Curry night here, missus asked me to make with less chicken and more veg. Halved the chicken breast to 500g. Just started it and using cauliflower, onion, sweet potato & green beans.

Will update later…


Will update calories per portion once I see how many it makes… then add on rice and mini naan bread. :grin:


Good day food wise.
Not much food in the house for some reason so just had an egg salad. No cheese. Ate this granola slice about 11.30 before my lunch which was about 12.30. Dug out a mince meat and lentil curry I made from the freezer for my tea. Also had some strawberries and blueberries with a spoonful of full fat Greek yogurt. Not going out tonight. Tomorrow nothing planned but might be pottering around Moseley in Brum. Got some great charity, junk, arty type shops with cafes and bars. It’s about half an hour drive across so no beer. Have a great weekend everyone.


Looks lush, id skip the sweet potato but apart from that. Oh yea thats summit i still hav 2do make a big batch of curry n try freeze a few portions luv it


Yous r all so good at SHOPPING!!! I need 2 learn how 2 do an actual food shop so i hav a selection of food in the house at any given time eee am terrible


Made 6 portions still.

457 calories per meal INCLUDING rice & mini naan, although the 250g rice was shared between 3 instead of 2.


I’ve just polished off a massive galaxy bar oh my god I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I don’t seem to be able to stop. Why am I telling myself that the weight loss isn’t worth it


Because it isn’t important to you?


B: N/A
L: Soup, yoghurt, granola and strawberry compote, 3 protein balls.
D: Baked aubergine with potato and flatbread, superfood salad (buckwheat, feta, chia seeds, sumac(?), roast heritage carrots, pickled lentils, broccoli and beetroot) with broccoli in thyme butter and sweet potato with sour cream, feta and spring onion.
S: Cheetos Twisted Flamin’ Hot.
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres + 5 alcohol free beers.

Went out for dinner, just back, tired. Hope you’re all well!


U hav 2do what makes u happy in life. Is it just like other ppl telt u 2 loose weight or is it from u? Maybe u hav complicated feelings about it? Maybe ur diet was to strict n u need a compromise?


It is important to me though, when I actually sit down and look at it long term I know how much I want this but I have mad moments where I just can’t stop myself eating and I don’t understand why I get like this. It’s like once I give myself one treat my brain tells me that the whole diet is over and I can binge as much as I want.


I know it is, mate, I was just trying to provoke a reaction!

We all have our off days, we just need to get back on track and clear them from our minds once we’ve had them. It’s easier said than done, and for me, it’s where a positive mindset comes in.

No matter what happens these days, I rarely use food to comfort myself or go out of control. If it does happen, I’ll forget about it and move on. I’m over a year into my journey now though, about 5 months of it I went off piste.

Man v Fat has been the catalyst for me and also now Instagram. In between seasons 1 and 2, I was tempted to go mental to get the weight up a bit for season 2, but that’s counterintuitive. Why throw away what I’ve done last season?

Instead, I put my weight loss journey on Instagram to keep me accountable for when the season was over, as well as in an IA group on here, and I lost weight between seasons!

I always used to think a positive mindset was a crock of shite but even that’s worked for me too. If you do binge and think about it negatively, you most likely will end up in a cycle as you’ll use food to cope with the disappointment. If you enjoy your binge then let it go, the damage on your mentality is zero and you won’t need food to comfort your good mood.

It all takes time though, mate. You didn’t put the weight on in a few weeks and you certainly won’t lose it all in a few weeks. Keep going, it’s all in your mind and if you tell yourself you can, you can!


I think it can b hard @Josh i am glad u able 2 tell us about it. Especially if u had problems with binge eating. I think it can b hard when ur 24 cos dunno bout u but its not like all ur mates is in on this so it can b like alone. Good job theres this site. Its also hard 2 think about health and future when ur quite young sumtimes, well i hav found that
Maybe plan the odd treat but like as part of a plan were u get back on track after, 2 stop that treat turning in2 disaster?