Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 5


Done me gym class. Feelin abit sh!te cos it was rly HARD i dunno why but i felt like i was back 2 square 1 when it had been gettin easier. Am just happy i got thru it tbh
Just chillin 4 the rest of the day. Not ate owt yet and i wont do til i manage 2 drag me arse back out , go thru the snow 2 get afew bits in, i got fck all in


Cant run as my routes are full.of snow & ice.

Can still walk them though.


alright men. Out alll day. Kid had a swim
Lesson and never got back home til 7. Oh and a trip to IKEA so I’m building a bed this week sometime. Fcuking hate that place. Anyway breakfast today toast with slice turkey and cheese. Prob about 250 cals that. Didn’t eat then til evening and being later we arrange dominos. Few slices of that has left me bloated. I reckon I’m up this week at the minute so have 2 days to get some of it off. I don’t know why as most days are calorie deficits. Not including exercise calories. Anyway quiet night now watching rugby with school tomorrow back on. Rpm booked for tomorrow. On track still for the 20


I’ve copied this over to this group.

Good evening chaps. Mixed bag today. Was going out today but got called up for grandad duties that scuppered my planned day.
So got up for circuit training this morning. All went well. Got home had my shower then been chasing my arse all day. Lad had training at 12.30. His dad’s decorating and as they’re expecting again needs to get a move on. Also needed to get my car sorted which turned out a real result. From 200 quid to 15. Run over to pick grandson. Training is about 30 mins away . Over an hour weeknight, had hour an half to kill so went meat shopping and finally got to eat at 1pm. Shared cheese platter with the wife. Back to pick up the lad up and popped into the farm shop for his cake and pork bap. I had their home made sausage roll. Then went to another farm shop by the lads to get all our fruit and veg. Dropped the lad home and raced to finish my car getting fixed. Finished the day off normal shopping got home about half 5.
For my tea I’m having a fry up but it’s all grilled, so a grill

Tonight I’m chilling. No beer this weekend. Off to watch my grandson play West Brom tomorrow. At least it’s not an early start.

Good luck everyone


Agree mate that’s the problem. I’ve got mates who eat a load of crap and people at work. Everyone wanted to go to McDonald’s for a team lunch and after that I just gave up.


Learn to say no & let them go without you…
Lunch shouldn’t be about the work team anyway,
it’s your break…


It worked, you got a reaction. I just thought who the f£&k does he think he is, he doesn’t know much I’ve tried for this.

I need to find something else to comfort me when I’m having a bad day.

If only it was as easy to lose the weight as it is to gain it!!


So then I said sod it and went for a dog & jog, only running where it felt safe underfoot so didn’t even run the first km…

4 mins slower than best but I’ll take that.

Skipped breakfast, had veg pasta bake for lunch, had the rest of last nights tikka masala with mini naan for dinner, done 2 kitkats (improvement on last weekend!), couple of sub100 calorie crisps, 6 jaffa cakes & still got room for dessert (toffee & pecan roulade coming).

It’s amazing about how much food can be had for 2300 calories when you’ve made your meals from scratch.

Like I said, I have needed to do this 2300 calories thing to see how my weight reacts. If I lose weight then great, lots of room to cut back in future weeks, if not then I lower the intake next week.


Losing weight IS easy. Avoiding the foods that put it back on is the hard thing. That’s the mindset you need. That it is easy & you can do it.

My go to snack when I HAVE to eat something is a gala apple. 6 for a quid at Asda, 53 calories. And something that is more than a couple of bites then gone.


It’s definitely not as easy though is it! So much harder to burn calories than it is to consume them.


Anyway, my day went like this.

Started off with some scrambled egg on a slice of toast, then I thought I’d try and do something about the crap I’ve eaten so I went to the gym and beat my personal best on the cross trainer.

For lunch then I had some baked crisps, snack a jack and some biltong throughout the afternoon.

For dinner had a chicken traybake thing and then a kitkat peanut butter bar for dessert.


But you choose to consume them, ergo my comment ‘Avoiding the foods that put it back on is the hard thing.’

I love chocolate, biscuits, crisps… don’t we all?
So I look at ways to fit them in here and there… all the lower calorie suspects, frazzles, space raiders, french fries, a 2 finger kit kats…

Fast food, I make lower calorie versions as you see with my tikka masala.

I’ll make a pizza to share on here during the week, to show you, it will be under 400 calories and the size of a dinner plate. It won’t be a Domino’s or Pizza Hut but it will be enough for a pizza hit.

Yes I like a salad here & there but in losing 5 stone I have not once been miserable about what I have been eating, neither have I totally cut out anything.

No food is bad food, no calorie is bad calorie, we just need to consume less of them.

As for beating yourself up about what you have eaten… it’s done, move on, start again from now & continue your journey.


Posted these before in my progress thread…

But me, just over 2 years ago.


Same headphones tonight:

Whatever you think you can’t do, you are wrong.


Evening / morning, fellas. Just back from a gig in London, ended up walking from the airport to the hotel, just over a mile, after clocking up 16.5k steps earlier.

B: N/A
L: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, sweet potato biryani wrap, apple with peanut butter dip.
D: N/A
S: N/A
E: 16.5k steps + headbanging.
W: Over 3 litres + 2 alcohol free beers.

Not eaten much and going to bed now, bloody knackered. Take it easy, fellas.


Busy weekend but some personal victories:-
Thursday night - out to the pub with friends. I had sparkling water, a bowl of soup and some chicken wings. No beers, no fries, no burgers
Friday night - friends round to the house for supper. No booze for me. Probably had too many snacks to start with but filled my main plate with salad and grilled veggies
Saturday night - went to the bar to watch rugby with a group of pals. Lot’s of Guinness drunk but not by me…soda water and coffee for me.
Squeezed in a 20k cycle ride on the track with my big tyred mountain bike. God knows what the sleek lycra-clad roadies on their carbon-fibre speed machines were thinking as they raced past.
It’s a month since I started on this journey (after many false starts over the past 20 years) 9 kg down. It’s the same 9kg I lost last year and every previous year so now my challenge is sustainability. It’s 8 weeks until my next drink - my son’s 21st. I’m thinking of following the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet. Not because I have any diabtetes issues but because I’ve done it before and it was very effective. 800cals per day for 8 weeks is bloody tough though.
Good luck to everyone, keep the support rolling in, keep sight of your personal goals - we can all do this!


You gave me this same bit of advice in the first week of Jan and it’s actually been a huge help so far. Keep it simple eat under your calorie target and the weight comes off, who knew!


Haven’t posted for a couple of days as I’ve been busy but I’ve stuck to my calorie targets. Protein shakes for breakfast have been a success so far, everyone always says that protein fills you up, turns out it’s true!

Having people over for dinner tonight so I’m skipping lunch and dinner and making a big stew.


I love a shock tactic, mate. No offence meant at all, was hoping it’d give you a kick up the arse maybe.

I know how hard it is, I’ve been at 35st, down to 29st, back up to 35st, yo-yoed more than a yo-yoer in a yo-yo world cup final, you just have to find something that clicks.

Like I’ve said for me, it’s accountability. If I don’t have to answer to anyone, I’ll do what I want, which inevitably means eating all the pies. MvF football has given me the drive I need to lose weight and I’m determined this time to keep it off.

Like it’s been mentioned on here countless times, losing weight is easy, it’s just the mental side of it is the hard part. When you find that one thing that’ll keep you straight, you’ll be fine. I think once you’re back at football, you’ll be fine. Need to find something to keep you going in between seasons though, a lot of damage can be done in those 2 weeks.


I’m making sausagemeat pie today for the first time since I went healthy.

It normally involves sausage meat, mixed herbs, bacon, baked beans, chilli powder… so we are using lower calorie beans & bacon is being replaced with leaner turkey rashers.

This is going to be by no means ‘healthy’ but will be in my daily allowance. Missus starts her little healthy kick tomorrow so I think that’s why she asked me to make it.

Pics & calorie info later.


It’s in the oven cooking and there has been a debate as to whether it was going to be 4 or 6 portions.

6 portions won, thankfully (missus admitted to greed by suggesting 4 :rofl:).

So the calorie count just for the sausagemeat pie is 567.

Calling this lunch as haven’t had lunch.

2 packs of sausagemeat
Mixed herbs
2 onions
2 tins of beans
Cayenne pepper
8 Turkey rashers
Pinch of salt

All divided by 6.