Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 5


Breakfast was scrambled duck eggs on seeded Brown bread with 2 lashford sausages.
Off to watch my grandson play.
Lunch was rump steak and a cooked diner.
Off to see my parents now as they’ve had the trots for over a week and they think they’re in the clear now.
Hope your weekend has been good


Nice work lads, looked like everyone’s stayed on track over the weekend.

I’ve had some chocolate and other bits, but not the mountain of the stuff I used to consume on a weekend. Definitely room for more improvement though, especially at weekends. Been on long walks with the hound and some yoga at home so that’s good.

Looking forward to my porridge and a weights and swim sesh in the morning.

@Darren_Welch great before and after pics mate. They must be very motivating. It’s good that you can eat junk food and stay within your calories limit. I’m usually prone to binge if I start. Saying that I’ve done brill since we started this. Been making my own snacks at home if I get desperate, and have swapped milk choc out for a couple of squares of the dark stuff. If I do have a slip up it’s just one meal or snack then I pull myself in line immediately next meal, which I’ve not done in the past.


Should I mention dessert?

Later this evening a tuna salad then berries with yogurt are available if I get hungry.


You know what I notice in the 2 pictures? How much less expanded the headphones are, the head is a lot smaller as well as the waist, chest, etc.

Just proves that the fat is burnt from all over, not from one particular area. You know, when people are try to sell products ‘that target fat in the bum/stomach/thighs, etc’…


Used to wear hats at 1 popper thing, now I’m at 3 popper things. If you haven’t worked it out already, I’ve no idea what the individual things on a snapback are called. :joy:


Szechuan style stir fry batched up for the week ahead. :+1: Nothing too fancy, chicken, spices, red peppers & beansprouts in a bit of soy sauce. 231 calories in each of the 4 portions.


Not a great day today, having not eaten all day as we had a dinner party in the evening have now hugely overeaten on both stew and dessert. Not sure where I’ve ended up on calories but I’m sure the scales will tell me over the next few day. Back on it for tomorrow, still think it should end up a good result for the week


To absolutely b fair tho i dont think its easy else thered b no point in any of this as us all talkin about it an helpin each other
I suppose its simple. Simple but no easy.
But maybes it is more that i find it hard. Some ppl mite not if they hav more practice or just better in general.
Aaah well nowt worth havin comes easy eh


Aye. U hear about ppl going down shoe sizes n everything


Weird day. Realised id got 2 half 6 without eating. Forced down a few of these vegetable bake things i had in. Felt abit sickly. Ok tho. Early nite


Evening, all. Had a good day. I was disappointed when I got to Tesco that it’d been closed for 3.5 hours so I ended up on a 4 mile walk instead which I really enjoyed.

B: N/A
L: Sweet potato pakora wrap, crustless quiche, two salad bowls, 4 falafel and hummus.
D: Fage 0% fat yoghurt and 3 x 5 calorie jellies.
S: N/A
E: 15k steps.
W: Over 3 litres.

Over the last two days I’ve eaten just shy of 2,200 calories and walked over 30k steps. Looking forward to the scales on Tuesday! Hope you’re all well and looking forward to the week.


Which do you find harder?

  1. Eating less calories, to lose weight?
  2. Not eating high calorie foods in excessive amounts?

Pick one, they are not the same thing. :+1:
No long winded answer, pick 1) or 2).

  1. should not be the answer when there are lots of alternatives to keep the calories lower.
  2. should be the answer as we all have favourite snacks, takeaways, whatever.

Therefore… it should be easier to lose weight than it is to avoid the foods that make you put on weight.

I’m not being smug, I am trying to convince anybody struggling that if they change the way they think, or even feel, about it, it will become easy.


Evening all, hope you had a good weekend.

Breakfast was a mushroom & Spinach omelette
Lunch was a salmon & cream cheese bagel
Dinner was chicken enchiladas with muller light for dessert. Also treated myself to a Cadbury’s egg.

Not looking forward to seeing what the scales say but at least I’ll be aware of how much damage I’ve done and can draw a line under it.


Mate, with respect you might find it really easy but a lot of people don’t, hence why they need to come on forums and join groups to get help.

If it was that easy then there would be no fat people left on the planet as I’m sure there are very few people who are fat by choice.


Read what I wrote again. And this time read it.

We all got fat by choice when you think about it, unless we were all force-fed? Pretty sure I chose to eat the cakes, doughnuts, 2 or 3 takeaways a week, etc.

If you think my advice is not for you, then skip over it. You think I haven’t blown the diet at times by buying a big bar of Aero? ■■■■ yeah, loads of times. But in the scheme of things you just get back in the saddle as they say.


The concept of weight loss is easy, the putting it into practice, not so.

What you actually need to do is the easy part - maintain a calorie deficit for long enough for your body to burn fat as an energy source.

The mental side of weight loss is the hardest part, getting that motivation, the drive to want to do it, the consistency even harder.

I’m not sure I can help anyone with the mental side of things, but if you think I can, drop me a message and I’ll try my best to help anyone who needs it.


You get exactly what I mean!


Im rly sorry i dont understand what u mean. I think i find 2 hardest ie. Not havin things i like. And i do find that hard i really do. Hav 2 keep fighting that temptation not easy


So you chose 2, exactly as it should be.

As @atb88 rephrased, what you need to do is the easy part. The hard part is avoiding the pitfalls.

I love doner kebab, I love jaffa cakes (did I mention I was on tv the other week because of jaffa cakes?), I love nearly every chocolate, cake, biscuit or crisp going.

And this is what I am getting at. I understand it’s tempting, I understand it’s hard not to want to pig out. But that is why it has to be down to changing the way you think. You have to not only want to lose weight, but to be determined to do it. Just the same as giving up smoking - willpower (and that too varies from person to person…)


I do want 2 and i am all i mean is it can b a struggle. Good job iv got strong wills, am a very stubborn person use it 2 my advantage lol
Weirdly, not smoking takes no will power for me … its like smoking gave up me lol, i never done it on purpose. I wish the same happened with weightloss!!! Tho my theory is it might b sumthing 2do with diet that put me off the tabs ??