Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 5


I gave up smoking May 13 2017. I was already piling on the weight prior to that, but it took another 3 months for the eureka moment of getting healthy.

I don’t miss the fags & certainly won’t be starting again. And I love being 5 stone lighter, I love being a size L instead of 2XL, but I am still slightly overweight even now.

The extra calories this week have hopefully prepared the body for a bit of a blitz… I looked this morning & was showing a small loss, which on 2300 calories every day I am quite happy with, first time in 18 months that I have eaten that many calories whilst trying to lose weight. I have usually aimed for 1500-1700 a day but free of the shackles of a MvF weighin, it was time to experiment.


I dont rly hav an exact date cos ot just sort of dwindled over a couple of months, i hardly noticed, it crept up on me. The way i see it its out of my control. Yes if i fancied 1 thatd b different but i dont really see the point in forcing myself 2 do it. I just think of the money am saving

And it makes me feel angry at these ppl whos makin lotsa money off the idea that not smoking causes weightgain. I dont see how that works. Didnt happen 2 me.

I still dont kno how i will feel when am lower weight. Will hav 2 wait n see. Its worth trying cos u never kno. Thats how come am so motivated even thru the hard times


Some people replace smoking with eating.


Aye so rly it is the change in diet what effects it not the smoking or not.
I dunno i suppose ppl hav different mental hang ups n whatever, like how i find weightloss hard.but other ppl dont. I suppose theres ppl who find it rly hard 2 not smoke. I suppose we all wired in different ways


I don’t think anyone finds it easy, mate. It is easy, but mentally it’s challenging for everyone.

Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine, mate.


Aye ur not wrong, am crackin on like :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


It’s definitely hard, but worth it. The struggle for me is not giving in to the voices in my head that say I that I can’t do it or does it really matter.

Eating has been okay this weekend. Been sick, so haven’t left the house and just laying around watching television as the cough doesn’t allow sleep during the night; got myself propped up in a chair in the living room.

Hoping for a better tomorrow.


Interesting chats on whether losing weight is easy or not. It’s not rocket science but a whole industry has built up around making us fat and then selling us “solutions” to make us lose weight. Every diet book ever written ultimately comes down to reducing calorific intake to below your TDEE. Do that and it works. Sustaining that is the hardest part. The food industry is a legalised drug trade. We’re made to crave fats and sugar, food technologists create “mouth-feel” to make us come back for more. Everything is stacked against us even to the fact that shit food is cheap.
Yes - losing weight is theoretically easy. Practically, as we all know only too well, it can be bloody hard, depressing, demoralising, stigmatising and lonely. We’ll all finds different parts of the process easy and other parts hard but if we stick to our goals, support the group, keep that calorific deficit going and keep focussed on the long-term benefits of sustained weight loss we’ll all succeed. 4 weeks left until Pancake Day…


I agree with what everyone is saying that in practical terms weight loss is tough, we all know that.

I like @Darren_Welch’s view on it though because it’s a useful tactical approach. You don’t need to worry about what you’re going to do to lose weight, that bit is simple, just eat below your TDEE. You do need is to have plans to not eat unhealthy foods that will put you above that, that’s the hard bit.

In practice for me this has meant following a really easy target of 2000 calories and trying to come up with ways of avoiding overeating such as: if I’m going out for dinner look the menu up online beforehand and pick the healthy option I’m going to have, making sure I’ve got food in to cook something healthy in the evening, asking my wife to say no if I ask her if she wants a takeaway etc. I’ve had a few slip ups but overall it’s working. Just over 4 weeks to go to pancake day!


Sorry if it sounded like I was having a go, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just I’m sick of people making it sound like weight loss is so easy when really it’s not, plus I was in a really bad mood after a bad week so maybe it sounded like I was having a go when that’s really not what I intended.

The science is easy, yes (burn more calories than you eat) and fair play to everyone who has managed to train themselves to eat right but for me, I’m not there yet, hence why I’m here and happy to take any advice needed.


I’m the same mate, just when I think I’ve cracked it I have a brain fade and eat half a tin of quality street (literally did that yesterday) just got to pick up and go again.


@Josh - we all struggle - that’s why we’re here. I cant eat right yet. My way is avoidance. If I’m not around food then I can’t be eating it. If there was cold pizza left behind in the pantry at work I’d rather eat it than see it get thrown away. I blame my parents not letting me leave the dinner table until I’d eaten everything…


This is exactly my problem mate. If there’s food at work, I’ll eat it. I won’t buy crap for myself but if there’s any lying around I’ll just have it.


Fasteners? :joy::joy:


I agree. No1 is here cos its easy. Even life long thin ppl, it doesnt come easy. I askd 1 once n he said he always been thin but its a constant effort. He has 2 make good choices 90% time just like we do.


Stop shoehorning “fast” into everything. :wink:


Only half a tin? Should have seen me at Christmas. :flushed::flushed::flushed:


I just went mad n had a couple of bags of them popchips. Mad cos i paid well over the odds tbh, eee u wud think am made of money. My verdict = sour cream ones was nice, bbq ones not that good


Try the big bag of crazy hot. They’re immense.


Aye ill try them nxt time.