Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 6


Ouch. Plus 3.2 lbs this week. I knew it was going to be bad, but was hoping not that bad. It was the triple whammy:

  1. after a great walking goal last month in the first 4 days of Feb only managed just over 5 miles due snow/ice/sludge/mud on my walks. I tried alternative routes (hence 5 miles) but they were so slow,slippery and untreated I gave up after a couple of f’king cold hours. Back on it today tho with a 14.24 mile walk.

  2. Inspired by @Darren_Welch and his amazing meals I cooked at home. Unfortunately I don’t have Darren’s (or many other people here’s) resolve on portion size.

  3. So for 4 days I’m not out of the house walking for 3-4 hours… what can I do instead? Oh I know, watch TV and eat…

Totally agree mate, That’s why this week I reduced my average to 1.4 lbs/week :scream: :rofl:


Don’t blame me :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Seriously though, I portion into tubs at the same time as the plate. Cool down, into the freezer.


fat isn’t the best source for the body to use, so it could turn to burning muscle mass which again isn’t ideal… @atb88 Noooo, but I’m not going there. If you’re overweight, like one or two of us might be - what would you like your body to burn?


I mean energy-wise it’s not the best for the body. You like reading, look it up.

Of course, for us fatties, it’s definitely the best!


I feel happier when I realise I am still averaging 1.28lbs loss per week.

Still need to up my game though.


@Darren_Welch …I can’t even get into my freezer, let alone when I’m hot :grinning:


Good was standard today till this evening. 2 chicken thighs with my usual salad for lunch. Tea was chicken again with stirfry vegs. Now I was still feeling a bit peckish and found 2 cooked sausages from Sunday that was going to be thrown away. Ate them. Had to take my grandson to football and hung around as it was parent free. I ended up buying so veg pakora. So need to get my head back in the game.
Well done everyone for sticking with it


Lost 1lb this week. Very happy with that, I thought I was going to put on.
I went to the gym today, TWICE, before and after work, half hour on the cross trainer each time!!!
Food wise was okay, not great but had worse days.

Breakfast was toast with Nutella (wanted avocado but it went off)
Lunch was leftover burger from last night
Dinner; hunters chicken sweetcorn and green beans.
Snacked on a couple of brownies baked by someone at work (I know, but I think I’ve earned it!)


B: porridge, banana
11: dairlylea dunked, apple
L: Homemade tikka masala from freezer collection & strawberry ‘light & free’ yogurt
S: Belvita biscuits (not just for breakfast) & another apple
D: Homemade vegetables & konjac noodles in an American style chipotle sauce (pictured)

Been a good start to the new week, still room for low calorie ice cream if I get peckish before bed.


I lost 1lb. Mixed feelings cos that makes me the next exact stone
Wasnt well enuf 4 gym but hope 2go tomoro
B non
L cheese savory salad
T 2 jacket potato with beans
Snack 3 biscuits


Evening, all. Hamstring went so couldn’t play football which was annoying given that it’s a 4 hour round trip. Still weighed in and warmed up, another 2.9kg down for the season, taking me 0.4kg away from my 5%!

B: 2 veggie sausages, beans, 1 dry brown toast.
L: Soup, spring roll, veg.
D: Salt and vinegar chickpeas, banana, 2 protein energy bars.
S: Egg, tomato and salad cream sandwich.
E: Warmed up at football (over 19k steps).
W: Over 4 litres.

Hope you’ve all had a good one. Willing as many of you as possible to join me at 20lbs, lads! Let’s get it done!


Just goes to show you should never write off a week!


Good day for me yesterday, protein shake, leftover stew for lunch, tomatoes as snacks, houmous bread roll and celery for dinner. I’m 3.8 pounds down again for the week which I am delighted with. If I lose over 1kg again next week I may up my calories slightly


Spot on mate for the most part mate, although whilst fat isn’t the fastest source of energy for human movement (that’d be carbohydrate & it’s substrates such as glycogen & glucose) as long as you’re getting adequate protein & providing resistance stimulae to existing muscle tissue, you should preserve it pretty well.

Calorie deficit is king, protein is then secondary if you’re looking to retain muscle tissue, fats & carbs are much of a muchness & don’t make any difference to bodycomposition, but could affect the way you feel, your hunger & performance in the gym, so it’s just personal preference.

Although if you’re doing a lot of activity, especially strength training, carbs are by far a superior source of energy for the body than dietary fats. #science :slight_smile:


Aw cross trainer is wicked isnt it


Got abit cold. Sat here waitin 4 me nurse appointment + for once i actually feel 2 ill 2 cause hassle which is as much of a relief 4 me as every1 else tbh
Foodwise, eeh probs gona b soup yet again then av got a frozen pizza so mite hav that depending on the cals, if not itll b pasta. Doubt the gyms gona b on the cards like, ill just b happy with dragging meself thru the day lol


Oooh, cheers @atb88 …you posting your percentage weightloss prompted me to calculate mine!

219.2 lbs down now to 189.0 gives me a 13.7% loss.

Another 4% off that original weight and I’ll be pretty much done (180lbs)…at least that’s when I’ll have a full body fat and other measurements re-done and assess whether I’ll need to lose more.


Ppl say when ur not well u supposed 2 listen what ur body wants n i was buzzin 2 find out mine need a sausage beans + cheese pasty from cooplands and a hot chocolate :+1:


I love the cross trainer mate. Burn so many more calories on that compared to every other machine too.

I feel like i’m going too much though. I went twice yesterday and first thing this morning… for anyone in the know is this really bad for your muscles? I just feel like if I’m enjoying it and have the motivation then why not…


I dunno about that side but i think aslong as u think its sumthing u can realistically keep up an like then why not eh. Best keep an eye on any pains n whatevr tho