Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 6


Thats it mate. Not struggling at all so im carrying on… just dont want to have to stop when its too late and ive killed all my muscles


Just looking at my overall weight loss and it’s now at 28.2% having gone from 490lbs to 352.25lbs in just over a year.

Buzzing with this journey and if I hadn’t found MvF, I’d be back up to where I was before, heavier, or dead.


@atb88 I honestly find ur journey v interesting i dont mean 2 sound weird or owt it makes me think alot, not just about the journey but what it like before, when u had the fear of death which u bravely telt us and also wonder what life is like 4 u after cos in a way this mite change the direction of ur life from what u said, i think ur a v deep person but also v positive person so thank u 4 tellin us about it


Good man!..great achievement.


Appreciate that a lot, mate. Thank you. If I can motivate someone just by telling my story, it means the world to me.


No, it’s not…keep going. There’s only one way to build up endurance


Be careful you don’t over fatigue yourself mate, it can impact recovery & energy levels which in turn can have an impact on further planned exercise as well as hunger levels


Left over chicken leg with my salad today. And this evening meal was a small steak with stirfry vegs. That’s about it. Planning on going to hiit class tonight.


Yes it’s about time you realised you have already become a success story in your own right. I remember the early days when you took inspiration from my posts on here.

Well now, having started at a higher & possibly harder to get motivated place, look how far you have come & think of where you will be come the end of 2019.

Congrats so far.

P.S. please beat Man City tonight.


Weighed in this morning. 4.9lbs for the week (i was up last weekend due to a blow-out weekend). Overall loss for this challenge is 21.4lbs. Looking to stabilise at 2lbs loss per week. Couple of milestones coming up - under 140kg by the weekend…then under 300lbs by the end of the month.
Still eating clean - all home-cooked foods and nutribullet green smoothies. No booze, fruit for snacks.


From the homecooking aspect, it’s lasagne night again already…


alright all. Was on a road trip to the border today to renew my visa. Up to Oman border the back again. Long and boring. Had a sandwich in the car early then bought a shit one in a petrol station. Then tried to eat a shit chicken burger but it’s petrol station food. Inedible. Got home and had some sausage inside a baguette. With a fried egg. Calories prob up due to some crap food. Tried to use scales today and that are showing 4 up. I’m not too bothered as shorts I got into a few weeks back are now looser again. Shirts are looser. I’m concentrating too much on the number and not the effect. Prob these challenges I’ve been setting up.
But I had my moment the other night. Steps are down activity is down. I still don’t know where I’m at yet. Boot in the arse I need I think. I went the whole month of January getting 10k steps at least. Last two days 6k and 8k. I would have usually went out and chased these. Mojo is gone I think at this time also I’m not getting on as I seemed to stay off my phone this week for no apparent reason. Just too busy I guess. Spin booked for tomorrow and for the weekend so should kickstart again.


Let us kno if we can help at all, bet u back on it soon tho eh


Good day. Beautiful cheese beans and sausage pasty an a hot chocolate. Nowt else for abit cos its quite high cal. Thinkin about tea. Probs gona b pasta n tomato sauce. No gym as abit poorly. But av got bookd up 4 me class next week which am buzzin about cos its been full last couple of times


B: porridge, banana
11: dairlylea dunker, apple
L: Homemade honey & mustard chicken from freezer batch supplies & strawberry ‘light & free’ yogurt
S: 2 creme eggs, apple
D: Homemade lasagne & salad (pictured) followed by low calorie jelly & peaches.

Calorie count: 1914 slightly over, guess I should have had one creme egg but still have a deficit after a 4km dog walk. Add in 1 hour football last night & the same again tomorrow night & not over concerned…


Good day today, protein shake, sandwich for lunch, lots of tomatoes as snacks, vegi chilli for dinner, around 2000 calories overall.

Also decent session in the gym today, not quite as good as Monday but still better than last week


Just to say i done the hiit class this evening. Just grit your teeth and get on it.


Thank you, mate, it means a lot. I’m still taking inspiration from you, mate, as well as everyone else on here making positive changes in their lives.

P.S. No.


Evening, gents. Pissed off with myself today. Given up chocolate for charity and I had chocolate, not even thinking about it as I ate it. 5 hours later it dawned on me and I could’ve kicked myself. Not sure how I forgot as I’ve been on it for 5 days and been very careful.

B: 2 veggie sausages, 1 hash brown, beans, 1 dry toast.
L: Veggie omelette, salad, onion bhaji, chocolate millionaire cake.
D: Falafel and hummus wrap, 2 boiled eggs with spinach, Moroccan salad, large bag of Popchips Crazy Hot.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 5 litres.

Went a bit nuts at dinner as well but I’ll always do that the day after weigh in. Five days back on it and I should be fine for weigh day next Tuesday. I want that 2.5lbs to take me to 10st total loss!


I done that once when i gave up sweets 4 lent. Its easy done eh. U still gona crack on tho ?