Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 6


Had a great day. Started off with a gym session, half hour on the cross trainer, as usual.
Breakfast; porridge with peanut butter & a banana
Lunch; leftover chicken and veg with a yoghurt
Dinner; Steak with a few potatoes and green beans.
Snack was just some biltong and just had a cereal bar.


I’ve received more donations in the last two hours since coming clean on Facebook and Instagram than I had in the first two weeks of posting about it.

Damn right I’m cracking on!


Haha mint. What does the money go 2 heart foundation?


Yes, mate.


I wonder if they hav these things 4 every month. Its a good idea, do a challenge n raise abit money


A lot of different charities do. There was RED January which was popular, DeChox for February, just been told about March for MEN and there’s a MoonWalk for Walk the Walk in May. Tempted with both of those.


Whats the march one? Like what do u have 2 giv up n what charity


Gotta average 11k steps a day for the month, it’s for Prostate Cancer UK.


Aw ill giv that a shot, will get a stepometer thing


@Greenballs - those visa runs are tedious as hell - I don’t blame you for eating “road food” . You’ll get that mojo back after a few spin classes.


Here is a question i been thinkin, do u eat a dining table with other ppl? Did u when u was a kid? Do u think it matters? Just cos theres always a big hype about it isnt there


I insist that my lot eat together. It’s just a bonding process. Making sure we all speak to each other. It works for me. I have 3 lads and it was a way of keeping an eye on them.


That sounds nice n makes sense. I live alone so i dunno why i even ask rly lol, just u hear about how its a nice thing 2do + healthy


How things have changed. In my time there was no way anything could be different from all four of my sisters and I, having held out until father home from train station after commute from the City would sit around dining table for formal meal…and I daresay one of the development processes for mine (and sister’s) shared sense of humour…we were more a Mickey-taking family (I’m guessing other families could have been political debaters)…but we each learned to hold our own in life - and much of that will have been derived from a shared table.


My family didnt go in 4 it rly. Some of the places i lived rly tried 2 push the whole round the table thing n tell u what i fought it every step. That was probs just me being awkward tho, i use 2 make a fuss about everything lol. But 2b fair i wasnt use 2 it cos as i say, when i was at home it was more a infront of the telly thing. I dunno if its a generation thing (im 24) or just the way my family was.
As i say, am on me so my house my rules lol. Doesnt make much difference when u alone i suppose . If i ever hav kids ill cross that bridge when i come 2 it lol


My first kid is due in July, so I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit (even though it’ll be a few years before we are all sitting down to family dinner). I reckon we will try to have dinners round the table a couple of times a week, but also round the tv from time to time. One things for sure it’s going to be healthy home cooked meals all the way!


As terrible as it sounds my crowd used to sit eating dinner on the lap watching tv. I always sat at table even if I had to do on my own. Prob why I can’t stand half the kants. And still do. Ours little one is young at the minute so it depends on her meal whether she sits at the table or not. It’s more homely I think when all are around the table.


I dont think it does sound terrible. But then again thats mebbes how come im not exactly close 2 my family neither…if only we had a dining table lol


Congratulations. Yes that sounds like a nice balance 2 me


Had a good morning. Started with 40 mins on the cross trainer, then food wise I’ve only had a grenade shake thing so far. Starving now though. Lunch at 13:00, counting down the minutes…

I probably could afford to have something else to snack on but I’m trying not to eat over my daily allowance even after I exercise as you’re always told not to eat more just because you’ve burned it off.