Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 6


Going back to eating around the table post. My family is very close. If I’m out up the town I would get a call of any one of them to see where we are and sometimes we meet up or get a taxi back home. My boys are very close and have a good circle of friends where they all look out for each other. I believe that’s because we always sat down together for meals.

Anyway My lunch was a tandoori chicken leg with my usual salad.
Tea time I’ve just eaten quorn for the first time. My missus cooked it with a fahiti sauce and cauliflower rice. Tat.
Also had a cereal bar when I walked through the door as I was hungry.


Been 2 the dentist it was AWFUL
Probs gona hav sumthing lite at teatime. Toast etc


Started off well today. Went a bit downhill, not awful but I’ve been to my mums so lost track of the calories.
Breakfast; Protein shake and a banana
Lunch; Jacket potato and avocado (a lot nicer than it sounds!)
Dinner; Massive pork chop (that big I couldn’t eat it all!) a few new potatoes and asparagus.
Snack; about 4 mini Cadbury Oreo eggs and a pear

Exercise, half hour on the cross trainer.


Sunday dinners and xmas all round the table. Most other times all round the coffee table…


Decent day today, protein shake for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, Turkish feta thing for dinner. Came in at 1700 calories so treated myself to a packet of crisps. Under 2000 for the day, one day closer to the goal.


Out of interest is there going to be another challenge group after pancake day? I feel like this group making me feel accountable for my actions really helps.


Definitely. If balls is on a hiatus, I don’t mind starting it. Loads of time until then though!


B: N/A
L: Veggie chilli with rice and tortilla chips and salad.
D: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, apple and peanut butter pot.
S: N/A
E: 12k steps.
W: Over 3 litres plus 4 alcohol free beers.


@Josh…this ‘20 by Pancake Day’ was set up like that simply because Easter was too far away to give the challenge impetus from start to finish…too long a group and it’s easy to think “I’ll take it more seriously once the challenge has been going a while”.

I’ll not be there as I’ll be too close to ‘ideal’ weight by Pancake Day… but @Greenballs set up the originals with me, and as @atb88 's already put his :raised_hand: hand up, so nearer time you/they can agree the weight to lose, but Easter could be the one! ‘20 by Easter’?


Still sick. Day 5 being out of work. Haven’t been this ill in decades, literally. Sometimes I’m hungry; sometimes night, hot then cold, and etc… Definitly better than two days ago. I guess some things take more time. Thank God, I have the accumulated sick time.


Yeah, makes sense mate. I think it’s great and 20lb was a big challenge looking back on it, like you siad you can’t really put it off much - that’s what I mean that it’s accountable. I probably could do with another 20lb after I hit my target on this group so if there is another one that would be great.


I could probably do with another 100 after the 20 on this! Breaking it into chunks makes it manageable.


Wanted 30lb by my birthday (2nd April), got 6 so far. It’s a mid-April Easter this year, so we shall keep going…


Lunch was a tandoori chicken leg with the usual salad
Tea is going to be steak with stirfry vegs and a fried duck egg .

Felt hungry Today and was hankering for a chippy. Resisted but still feeling for one.

Have a good one everyone


This is how we look going for the week going into the weekend.

Hard day tomorrow as we say goodbye to our friend who passed away recently.


Nice one mate. And all the best for tomorrow.

Sorry not been on the last few days. Let my weigh in day disappointment get to me. Had lots of biscuits and chocolate and first takeaway since starting this challenge. (used to have 1 or 2 a week!) but been keeping up with the exercising, and also had lots of salads, veg and fruit


Actually not been too bad with the eating today. Tomorrow morning is porridge and weights sesh (bot at same time)

Hope you boys are still at it. Looks like we’ve lost a few recently


B: 2 hash browns, grilled tomato, fried egg, beans, 1 dry brown toast.
L: Soup, pasta with peas and sauce.
D: 1.5 wrap pizzas with salad.
S: 3 oatcakes with caramelised onion chutney.
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres + 3 alcohol free beers.

I feel heavy after all the carbs.


Omg nitemare get well soon


3x cereal bar, 2 carrots, 3 slice of bread, 2 burgers (no chips) Well thats what happens if u let urself get to hungry, not good, better day 2day.