Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 6


Went a bit off the rails yesterday but didn’t go overboard. Just treated myself as I felt I earned it with all the exercise and healthy eating I’ve had this week.
Breakfast was just yoghurts and berries
Lunch; Hoisin duck wrap and walkers crisps meal deals with some houmous and carrot sticks.
Snacks; few rice cakes and some cashews
Dinner; chicken Tikka in a Naan bread type thing.

Exercise, half hour on the cross trainer


Is that BOTH at the same time, or NOT at the same time @Chocoholic …you seem undecided, and I would be too!


Poor day from me yesterday, protein shake for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, tomatoes for snacks, then had fish and chips for dinner followed by ice cream and chocolate, think this probably added up to around 3000 calories. Going to aim for 1500 calories for the next two days to get back on track, probably also throw in some extra cardio.


Few bad days all round eh. Am plannin on a goodn 2day 2 make up 4 it. Out later am buzzin about it!! Will hav a few drinks but not go mad. Gona work off them cals with dancing


On off for Friday and Saturday. Out camping so there was a massive BBQ and loads of food and booze. 3 glasses of wine and a little too much food - snacking, food all laid out in front of me, chips, dips, cakes. I dont have self-control so I jumped on my bike and went for a cycle.
Going to crack 140kg this week…


After a Strange little wobble on Wednesday or was it Thursday morning?..anyway, whilst I wasn’t actually feeling hungry I quite fancied an English breakfast - although still couldn’t bring myself to order the full works, I settled for beans on toast with a couple of slices grilled(not fried) bacon …I’m bang back on track.

Friday: Fasted til 7 pm; steak + steamed veg.

Today: Remaining fasted after morning in coffee shops reading papers and confining myself to black coffees only.

Now I’ve arrived at the gym having run out of delaying tactics…getting exercise in before Six Nations matches this afternoon. I’ll be fasted until 7 pm again.

I’m LOVING feeling light and moving really easily.


I could probably do with losing a bit more too to be honest but 200lb is my first target. If I hit that ill reassess, I think my body should be overweight a bit or it’d be odd (I’ve got broad shoulders etc) and I’ve never wanted to be skinny but we’ll see what happens.


@Josh …I reckon you’ll find that’s the overweight Josh that’s speaking in those tones to you, the old one that used, once upon a time, that bring overweight was ‘alright’, just because that was the shape of things at that time.

When you get to re-assessment time I reckon you should be honest with yourself. When you were late teens, or whenever you were last not carrying any excess, I’ll bet you didn’t say to yourself " I think I’ll get a bit chubby and carry excess pork around for no real reason". People might say they’d like to build muscle, but don’t CHOOSE fat.

I’m getting within 7/8 lbs of maybe ‘ideal’ and, like you, I’ll then re-assess…but I can see already that I’ve really yoga full stone that could go, and go it will.

I think the lighter weight you deserves you to get to FULL fitness, and like you too, I’ve got broad ex-rugby shoulders and, maybe like you old friends have gotten so used to me carrying around extra pounds so well, they’d be happy to agree that I’ve ‘done well’ and lost sufficient…but the mirror doesn’t lie.

Go for fit as possible…you owe it to yourself [Because your worth it!]




I feel abit like that cos im really short n not big build so i feel like.if i was thin id b tiny it b hard 2 stand up 4 myself, ppl mite think i was easy target etc. I think id feel abit vunerable is what i mean. But as u say, see how it feels at the time


Maybe start hitting the weights in the gym, or even just doimg some press ups and stuff at home if you’re worried about feeling small


I use the weight machines and occasionally free weighta as part of my routine, not hench yet, will keep at it tho :laughing:


My short term goal is a weight of 15st. Now I’ve been big prob for most of my life. I feel that this would be enough but I don’t know. Wife says I should go lower. I’m broad shouldered also and like I say wouldn’t know myself any other way than I am now. It’ll be some transformation from where I started I tell you


Been to a spin class tonight. 2nd in a few nights. Hit a bit of a wall last week but I seem to be knocking that bastard down. Eating is better,mind is better. What more do I need? Oh aye a calories deficit. One of those also.


I increased my goal from 12st to 15st purely because I think I’ll have a load of excess skin. I’ll get to 15st and reassess. Like everyone’s saying, I also have shoulders.


Haha was supposed to say NOT at same time.

Very good day today.

B: Porridge with blueberries and almond milk
Sn: Dairy free protein shake
L: Eggs, small packet of crisps, fruit
Sn: apple
Pud: small Free From chocolate bar

Exercise: weights sesh & swim and 2 (very dirty) cars hoovered and washed. Knackered!

@Biffa94 enjoy your night out mate. And the rest of you enjoy your Saturday night whatever you’re up to


Just bear in mind dear reader…that fat loss is one thing; and muscle gain is a quite separate other.

Fat does not convert into muscle, however good the training is.

Lose fat. Build muscle.

Hopefully you’ll end up with muscle where fat used to be, but that’s a happy aspiration and hopefully result.


Too much to drink and plenty of food tells the story of the day.

Actually it doesn’t tell the story. R.I.P. Mal.


I also broke the bathroom scales by spilling water on them so need to choose some new ones…


Hope it was a good send off, mate. May your friend rest in peace.


Yes indeed, however while fat can’t convert into muscle directly you can try to build muscle while dieting (though it’s obviously harder than if you aren’t restricting your diet). I’m under no illusions that lifting weights will have a significant impact on my weight loss, but as @Biffa94 was saying if you’re starting to wonder how you’ll look when the weight does finally come off it’s not a bad idea to get a head start on sculpting those guns :wink: