Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 6


Better day for me today, managed to stick to my 1500 calories, halfway to making up for Friday’s lapse


Evening, all. Sorry I’ve been a bit distant, no excuse really. Still, had a good day although I probably had too many carbs what with having a second helping of pasta with Bolognese.

B: N/A
L: 2 egg salad wraps with cheese coleslaw.
D: Lentil bolognese with pasta plus seconds.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres + 3 alcohol free beers.

Smashing the water still although only an abysmal 4.6k steps clocked in. Busy morning tomorrow sorting my room and packing followed by travelling down to the hotel for work. Will try getting a walk in if I get down early enough.


Ended the day with a run. Well, jog with the dog anyway. Could do a 5km in 32-33 mins apparently.


139.8KG this morning - smashed through the 140 barrier…Next target is 138kg / 304lb. That will be 2 stone lost this year. The 136kg/300lb will be next in line for the chop. Short term targets, long term goals. Good luck this week.


Brilliant @Bubba1966 well done. I’m nearly there a I’m about the same stamp as you.

Had a great day yesterday. I love my weekends.
Done circuit training first thing. It’s tough but I’m feeling fitter and doing more each time now. Not so conscious of being the oldest and largest there. Hopefully I’ve talked the missus to come boxercise as I like that and haven’t done that class since she’s stopped.
Food shop done then picked up the grandson and took him to ours for lunch which I had egg and beans on toast x2 plus an extra slice.
Went up town on the train and walked down to digbeth to the custard factory as I’d booked him in for graffiti art class. The missus and me went and had a beer and watching the results come through. Picked him up and went over the road for a pizza. I’m not a fan of them. A walk back into town and home for about 7.45. So not a bad day for food calories wise but more carbs than I would usually eat. 1 1/2 beers.
This morning I’ve had 1 1/2 sausage and egg on toast. Going back up town to the Chinese quarter as they’re celebrating new year so hopefully be a good day.
Hope you’re having a good weekend.


Morning lads. Had an alright day yesterday (for a Saturday at least!)

Breakfast; Omelette with cheese and spinach
Lunch; couple of chicken drumsticks on the move
Dinner; Homemade fishcakes, butternut squash chips and oppo cheesecake (would recommend if you can find one, very rare to get a cheesecake for 159cals)
Snacks; munched on the leftover heroes nobody wanted.


Danced off some cals last nite. Drank abit more then normal cos am not usually big drinker, felt abit rough at 8am but slept abit more n was ok. Am havin a sunday dinner, lush. I dont think them r too unhealthy


Had a sunday dinner (pork). Just havin abit toast n probs some biscuits this evening


An outline of how it’s gone this week.
Not a complete write off yet.

These sauces are on offer at Sainsbury’s at the moment for £1 each. Have used them before, half a packet ranges between 50 & 100 calories depending on which one.

Anyway with the sticky pineapple & chilli, 500g chicken, an onion, mixed bell peppers, konjac rice. Divided by 3 it’s 289 calories per portion.


Not too bad today, didnt hit the 1500 i had planned but under 2000, still some work to do to turn this week around but the guy in the mirror seems to be looking a bit slimmer!


Evening, gents.

B: N/A
L: Veg soup, 4 corn cobettes, 1 slice of brown bread.
D: Mozzarella, tomato and pesto wrap, peanut butter and almond popcorn.
S: N/A
E: 12k steps.
W: Over 4 litres.

2 more sleeps until weigh day. Have you done everything in your power to hit your target?


Feeling pissed off today. Did not take my CPAP machine away camping on the weekend and my bloody sleep apnea has kicked off my atrial fibrilation again…I’ve been using the CPAP for 3 years or so now and it’s great. Too many broken noses and the effects of 100lbs of fat have turned me into a chronic snorer. I never fully appreciated the link between sleep apnea and heart issues until recently. My Afib is normally under control with drugs but clearly the CPAP machine not only helps with my snoring but keeps me breathing and the heart and lungs functioning normally. I’ll be back in to see the cardiologist tomorrow and will have to get zapped again. All this is just more motivation to lose weight and get healthy so I can get off the CPAP machine and sleep safely without snoring and without starving my body of oxygen.
Still very positive about my weight loss journey though. I will see this through to the very happy end.


My brother in law has one of those CPAP machines. He said it’s transformed his life as he was so tired all the time before and didn’t know why. He did shift a stone or so, but I think he’s put most of it back on again. Would be a great feeling if you could lose enough to not need the machine any more. I wish you well with it


Just catching up with the posts. Looks like you boys have had another good week in the battle against the bulge! A few very quiet (or silent) people though… don’t know if that’s a good or bad sign!


Just back from today’s little walk - a new record in terms of distance and steps (obviously unless I was changing my stride) 26206 steps! 16.28 miles…


This walking is a full time job - well ok, part time :rofl:

I had planned to extend my walk a bit (previously 14.2 miles), combining the outward half of one route with the return half of another route… It was the bit in between that I was unsure exactly how to join up. Have to say I have never been so glad to see the towering ediface of Broadmoor Hospital. I can always find my way home from there. Shut up. Since the last w/i I have walked 55.4 miles and seriously scaled back my over indulgences, so there had better be results tomorrow :grinning:


I also use a cpap machine for sleeping. Its essential for me to keep my licence. Its transformed my life. I was so tired, exhausted and i just couldn’t move and my weight just ballooned up. But now i have so much energy and my quality of life has improved so much, i feel like i have my life back.

Anyway, yesterday was another great day. Went back up the town to china town to celebrate their new year.

Food wise sausage egg on toast.
Lunch was Taiwan. Starter was a shared pork pancake thingy. Main meal was mixed meat platter for 2. Very nice. Tea was 2 slices of brown toast.

Todays lunch was cheese salad and tea was home made faggots from the butchers cooked in gravy and with vegs.

My granddaughters birthday today so been there and had a skice of cake.

Weigh in tomorrow morning. Good luck


Evening, all. Hoping for 2.25lbs off tomorrow to hit 10st since last January. It’ll be 6st 4lbs since joining MvF!

B: N/A
L: Soup and salad.
D: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, salad, sweet potato pakora wrap.
S: N/A
E: 15k steps.
W: Over 5 litres.

All the best for the scales, gents.


Good day today, protein shake for breakfast, sandwhich for lunch, tomatoes and crisps for snacks. Also fitted in a good post work gym session. As its late and im not hungry i’ll be skipping dinner leaving me on 1600 calories. Good luck on the scales gents!

Oh and an orange somewhere in there too!


Well, only on just over 1700 calories today.

Realised tomorrow is likely to be disappointing as one thing I didn’t add into my calorie intake on saturday - the alcohol! Pretty sure that has wiped out any deficit for the other days last week. Oh well, special circumstances and all that


B non
L cheese savory salad
T geet loadsa branflakes n yogurt.
Snacks them yogurt slice things

Exercise standard gym sesh
Dunno how the weigh ins gona b, am actually rly nervous about it tbh