Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 8


Post for when we all waken up on week 8. 2 weeks left and I don’t think I’ll get there but I’ll give it a lash.

Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 7

Slow week. Lost a solitary lb. It’s the right direction though and I’ve probably not been as disciplined as I could have been over the weekend.
Looking for a good performance over the next 2 weeks. My target is to hit 30lbs loss.
I go under the knife today for a total knee replacement so 3 or 4 days of hospital food should see a positive result on the scales. Post-op physio and walking will be my kick starter to exercise more. Good luck with your weigh-ins.


Hope all goes well, mate!


One down this week which I’ll take. Routine all over with mid term and bit of extra eating over the weekend. Started today with a spin class so raring to go. Big push for the last 2 weeks and I may get the final 8lb. Like I said before clothes are feeling looser so not too concerned about the scales yet but I’ll push on.

Plan today no breakfast as yet but may have some cereal in a while. Not hungry yet.
I’m thinking on lunch out with daughter so see where that takes me.
Dinner is chicken and rice we made last night

Water will be usual 4-6litres

Good luck today guys with weigh ins


1kg lost. So 2.2lbs off the figure.

Good week but still only takes us up to 6.83lbs lost with 2 weeks to go.


Good luck today @Bubba1966



A little wiggle room in case next week is a disaster. :joy:


Alright lads. Had some bad news yesterday so not feeling like posting much atm. So ill be a little less active on here for the time being.

Still sticking to my new life style. Down 5 lbs this week. Just checked and im 1 lb off the 20lb mark since 1st January. Mad isn’t it. Was on the beer sunday az well. So currently 307lb . See if i can get close into the mythical 200’s .


Bloody hell, your smashing it! What’s that for the year now?


Thanks! 27.75lbs, mate.


@Bubba1966 Hope it all goes / went well mate.

@atb88 and @Drums1875 well done you legends, continuing to inspire us mere mortals.

I was so shocked that I actually showed a loss this week (albeit only 0.6 lbs) that I was inspired to go for a final push, so having missed my ‘group walk’ today, did my own thing again, and set another PB…

18.34 Miles!!! and almost 30,000 steps


I’m not even seriously considering it … but … this equates to walking a marathon in 7 hrs 43 minutes. Except of course I probably wouldn’t be allowed to stop at a hostelry for a lunchtime repast :rofl::rofl:


@Biffa94 - in this one now, lad.


Today was a bad day considering I was supposed to be back on it. Could have been a lot worse to be honest but still not great. In and out of meetings so couldn’t really eat properly but made sure I went to the gym.

Breakfast; Special K breakfast bar and a banana
Lunch; 2 x assorted sandwiches, packet of crisps and a small slice of cake.
Dinner; lamb chops, few new potatoes and asparagus
Snacks; about 3 biscuits.
Exercise; Half hour on cross trainer.


Just weighed in and I’m gutted. 4lb on, was expecting a gain but not that much. 8lb away from the 20 target so not going to achieve it.


Weigh in in the morning if you can, mate. The scales are kinder then. Don’t be down over it though, you’re still 12lbs down which is better than where you were. :muscle:t2:


Never lost ne weight this week. I dunno why exactly


Don’t worry, it’ll catch up next week if you keep going.


I always weigh at night mate, on a Monday night as I can use MVF scales as they’re a lot more accurate than mine then post on the Tuesday morning but didn’t get a chance today. 12lb in 8 weeks is not enough for me, I want to average out at 2 per week really. Would love to lose 2 stone by my holiday in 15 weeks but think that might be a bit too optimistic as I know I’ll end up going out drinking (which leads to a kebab!) at least once a month.


Aye am hopin so cos i lookd back n i honestly dont think i done owt wrong. Sh!t happens


You can still drink and have a kebab, mate, just factor it into your calories consumed for the week.

If you really want it, you can do it, we’re here to support you. It starts with you having to want it though, and Ii know you do, so stick with it and you’ll get the results you want.