Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 8


Am in the same boat mate. I do like a nite out when i can afford n am not gona stop that cos u hav 2 enjoy life. For me am not a v heavy drinker so that helps. Like @atb88 says its about counting it in2 ur plan. I think once a month is ok 4 abit treat. At the end of the day this about makin ur quality of life better not worse so its about balancing ur health with the things whats important 2 u


@atb88 @Biffa94, planning a night out at the end of the month because of payday and I’m trying my best to eat as best I can until then but I don’t just have a few drinks if I go out I’ll make the most of it and get very pissed! I genuinely usually have about 10 pints on a night out so that’s 2,000 calories just in beer!!!


Reduce your weekly intake by 2,000 calories for the rest of the week then, mate. 350 calories a day less for those 6 days and then get smashed. Increase it if you have a kebab or factor those calories into the next week. You have to enjoy yourself, and if that’s how you do it, all the power to you.


Aye thats probs the best plan, if u kno its gona b full on best just eat healthy as u can in the lead up

Am lucky cos am a pure lightweight, 4 is enuf for me. 6 is possible. More then that id b out lol. I do like a good dance tho so the kebab shop usually close by then.

Its the next day when i wanna chill out wiv a takeaway lol. Am tryna direct myself 2 pasta instead lol


Makes sense mate. I think my daily calorie limit is too low anyway, dropping 350 off that would be very hard but then that’s why I keep feeling down about eating too much when maybe I’m not sometimes. I think I need to reassess everything.


0.2 pounds down for me this week, feels a bit disappointing but its entirely my fault and I know what mistakes I made, bring on the fibal two weeks!


12 pounds in 8 weeks is great mate, we’d all like to lose faster, but just think if you can keep up that rate of loss for the long term you’ll be in great shape by the summer


A few chaps still to log their weight this week… Chop chop! Don’t give up now.

Smashing this week so far (Yes I know it’s only Weds lunchtime!) Eating very well and tons of exercise.

We are away visiting family Fri-Sat, then Sunday we are out for our anniversary meal - so our old friend Mr Will Power is going to have to be strong.


What is your daily limit at present?


Really good day for me today, protein shake, tomatoes sandwich, now heading home for vegi chilli. Also had a great gym session so I’m feeling really positive today. Hope everyone else is doing well!


Been lookin at me stats n even tho av lost every week exept 1, i dont think am gona b anywhere near 20lbs tbh :frowning:


Today ate 3 cereal bars , egg mayo salad
Pasta w tomato sauce, cheese n garlic bread

Gym but not the class cos i was running late. So juat normal.routine


I’m so flippin’ HUNGRY!!! :cry::angry:


What u ate 2day mate? Enuf?


Evening, all. Currently stuffed so a bad sleep is imminent. Hopefully today’s overeating doesn’t affect me like last week’s did otherwise moaning Andy will be back.

I always do this after weigh day, I always say I won’t do it again, I’m always lying to myself. That being said, it won’t affect the scales and I enjoyed myself at the time, so hey ho.

B: 3 egg cheese and onion omelette, beans, 2 hash browns, 1 dry brown toast.
L: Soup, veggie bunny chow (hollowed bread roll stuffed with spicy veg stew), fruit and nut flapjack.
D: Wicked Kitchen sweet potato pakora wrap, large bag of Popchips Crazy Hot.
S: Small handful of Bombay mix, pack of Mini Cheddars, 1 custard cream.
E: 12k steps.
W: Over 5 litres.

Hope you’re all well, gents.


That doesnt sound bad 2 me but yea its how it makes u feel. Least u get back on track each time thats what counts


I’d say there’s approximately 3k calories in that, which is my maintenance allowance. Deficit of approximately 1,200 a day for the rest of the week should see me right.


Well finishing the day with homemade chicken/veg in hunters sauce with wedges.

Eaten a creme egg, cookies… even breakfast was poor nutritionally (breakfast biscuits) because I got up later than planned.

But… this is how much food you can get away with by having a veg only lunch plus yogurt.


I saw this and thought of you today:


Got an old friend coming to stay tomorrow, will probably mean a higher calorie evening meal.

I had a similar situation last week and tried to deal with it by not eating much during the day to save calories for the evening. This went disastrously when i binged in the evening.

Instead this week Im giving myself a days run up, aiming for a 1500 calorie day today, then going to eat normally tomorrow knowing I’ve got an extra 500 calories in credit if I need them. I’m hoping this will work and will become my new strategy for this situation going forward.