Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 8


Cheers mate. I’m okay just trying to get my stomach used to eating less but it doesn’t like being told what to do! haha. Ate supremely well yesterday. All good nutritious foods, loads of water, less carbs, no dairy. But cravings were very severe. Didn’t give in though


Have we lost @Zero4 now as well?


Surely not, the IF seemed to be really working for him


Not even sure tbh, mate.

I’m on weight watchers so it’s done on “points” rather than actual calories. I hink it averages out at about 1500 a day.


Can i just say i been in the bog a fair bit 2day so hopefully cleared up some backlog (pun intended) what mite of been why the scales stayed the same this week, we will see!!


The key to good weightloss :wink:


Think he’s still typing up the Encyclopedia Intermittenta.


Today went pretty well, I was aiming for 1500 calories and I’m probably going to end up on 1600, still fairly happy with that, gives me some extra calories for tomorrow


I wondered where he got 2 n whether let him down abit on the IF front. Hope hes ok


I’m still watching! …


So what is your height weight calculation?

Go on NHS BMI website and see the calorie range it comes up with.

I take the lowest figure, take off 500 and it more or less matches the figure LoseIt gives me, which I find comforting.

You can do too much exercise & eat too few calories. Combined can bring weightloss to a juddering halt and that in turn can demoralise a person.

Take stock of what you have done until now & whether anything needs to change. :+1:

I’m on my own plan & constantly changing things about.

Picked up an extra hour of football at 8pm tonight, which is always good.

Will be just over my allowance by about 50 calories by later, but about 650 under because of the football. All good.


Only had celery n some biscuits all day. Clammin
Got 2 ready meals in the oven. Healthyish ones


Yeah I know mate. Literally is as simple as just counting calories. Last year I went through a lot which made me want to lose weight and I lost a few stone on WW so now I feel like I need it but I know I don’t, it was just how I was at that point in my life. Once my new trial has expired I’m going straight onto MFP and calorie counting. I’ve worked out my BMR so I’ll just take 1000cals off that a day and should be on for a 2lb weight loss each week… easy :laughing:


Evening, fellas. Resisted the urge to buy another sandwich tonight after having my dinner so I’m feeling excellent!

B: N/A
L: Stuffed potato skins with feta and caramelised onion chutney, side salad and kale, tomato and spinach crisps.
D: Egg and cress sandwich, 2 small vegetable samosas, pickled onion Monster Munch.
S: N/A
E: Fit for Life boxing (14k steps).
W: Over 4 litres + 2 alcohol free beers.

Fewer than 1,700 calories there I’d say, so a deficit of approximately 1,300 calories not including exercise. Similar intakes up to and including Monday and I’ll be expecting a 1 - 2lbs loss all going well.

Hope you’re all doing well.


NOW you are on my way of thinking.:grinning:


Define some. 2? 5? 10? Then think of what you could have had for the same calories.
(Just trying to help.)


4 digestives. Says here 284 cals ish . I dont kno what i can hav same calories. Plenty more celery 4 that i suppose

Ready meal was disgusting btw, regret it


A tin of tuna, with salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickled beetroot) would be 200 calories, OR a nice stir fry… think of healthy foods you like, look up their calories.

I’m not saying don’t eat biscuits (because I still do) but they won’t fill you up whatsoever.


Aye i was absolutly clammin by tea time tbh. Shame it was such a letdown


@Drums1875 - I"ll race you to that 299 mark…no prizes just bragging rights.