Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 8


There can be no question about you letting anyone down @Biffa94…we’ve all got our own plough to furrow. Down now steadily to 187 lbs, target 180 easily reachable. My only satisfaction in remaining involved in MvF on daily basis was to inspire and metaphorically hold the hand of anyone seeking a long term way (weigh) out. Unlike some I’ve no financial incentive to remain involved, so, happy with my health and weight loss, as they say on Dragons Den, “I’m out”!


@Zero4 sorry to hear you are out. You genuinely were an inspiration to many (and definitely to me). I now exercise more, and generally don’t eat anything before 5pm… I tried it as an experiment (I guess like yourself, initially) and found it beneficial to not eat as soon as I jumped out of bed…

Strange name for the meal - breakfast, or ‘break fast’. Technically when you do not eat you are fasting. So surely every meal is a break fast :thinking:

Clearly reducing your eating window from 16 hours a day to 6 is going to be beneficial on a number of levels and if you can stick with it as clearly you have, and to a lesser degree I have then you will be the better for it. I wish you well.

I think @Biffa94 meant his dinner was a letdown, not him. :zipper_mouth_face:


Are you saying you won’t be posting anymore at all? That would be a shame for the rest of us.




Op went well. Strange to be fully awake through the whole thing as I had an epidural/spinal block. Lots of banging and sawing. Have not eaten much for the last 3 days but then my TDEE will have been quite low as I’ve only really been up and about today. Appetite is back now though and I’ll need to be careful on my intake as my output will still be pretty low for a while. Looking forward to weighing in next week.


Lol me and the dinner. Am not always the best at following advice but i rly did try n i do IF more days then not

The meal was a soggy horrible mess lol. The only good thing was i only had a small portion cos it was so rank!!


Why didn’t they put you out…clean out, as in general an aesthetic? They did for my little lump on groin…I’d not have put up with bumping and grinding round those there parts I can tell you!


i think it was to do with my Sleep Apnea and Atrial fibrilation issues. It was an interesting experience and as an engineer i was interested in what they were up to and actually chatted with they surgeon all the way through.
You don’t feel any pain but can feel the pressure and the pulling and banging.
Been up and down the stairs today and am fairly fast on my sticks.


Hate that, especially when you are looking forward to a healthy low cal meal.

I struggle with frozen veg - never seems to taste the same, but then fresh doesn’t last … where to compromise ‘taste over waste’.

Was it a supermarket brand? (just so everyone else can avoid it).


@Unimatrix0 I know the problem. The frozen stuff is just like tasteless mush. I buy fresh and chop it accordingly and then freeze it on a tray. Bag it up and you have your own individual portions. I use this for my nutribullet smoothies especially for a bag of spinach which tends to go to mush in the fridge.


Hey @Bubba1966 glad to hear it went well and you are feeling ‘energetic’ :grinning:

Have to say I am a wuss and don’t do pain at all… knock me out until its over - and that’s just getting me hair cut :rofl:


Lidl. I think tbh its cos they said from chilled but i went n froze them


£uck that. I couldn’t do that…when I had tendon re-attached on right hand on local anaesthetic I told surgeon to “Get on with it without my participation…I’ll be looking the other way throughout”… and to be clear, that’s what I did - look well away.


Hi @Biffa94. That was probably part of their ‘chef select’ range. Have to say I bought one of their pasta meals and ended up complaining about it as it had mould on it when I opened it, despite being well within it’s sell by date. Did eventually get a voucher, but what a faff.

Where I live I am ‘fortunate’ to have waitrose, sainsburys (2), Tesco (3), Asda, Lidl (2), Aldi, onestop(2) budgens, and several other locals. I apologise for the following diatribe …

Shopping is almost becoming an olympic sport :rofl:

I regularly get £8 off when you spend £40 @ waitrose… which is a 20% discount, but of course they are generally more than 20% more expensive than anyone else, so not a great deal.

Tesco prices are definitely on the increase (douwe egberts ‘indulgence’ coffee £1.98 more expensive than Sainsburys)… But Sainsburys generally most expensive after Waitrose for most things.

I reckon Asda is cheapest all round of the biggies, so would hate to see them merge with sainsburys - lets face it they won’t rebalance on the lower prices.

Ashamed to say I struggled with telling Aldi and Lidl apart for a while… how could that be?

Lidl charge different prices in both of their local stores for the same items at the same time. They sell items that are unfit for consumption. They regularly charge different prices at the checkout to those advertised for products on shelves.

Aldi on the other hand have never over charged me, or sold me mouldy food. Their food is good quality, and enjoyable - the mainstay of my diet is their ‘slimwell’ range which provides more ‘bang for your buck’ than ww or sw. Generally 500gr quality food for £1.99.

OK, I am NOT being paid by Aldi (although if they are watching and want to???)

Just my observations on the food market over the last 6 months or so. Basically, if you have money go with what you like. If you have time go with best value. If you don’t have either got to before you go shopping you could easily save ££’s


While we’re on the subject I’ve been wondering about the benefits of burning calories wondering round the shops, vs the benefits of avoiding the temptation of the bakery section by shopping online. Especially as we have a baby on the way it seems like it coukd be a good time saver. What do people reckon?


Had a good day today. Definitely best of the week.
Breakfast was overnight oats with berries and an apple
Lunch was a ready meal - city kitchen Katsu chicken curry and a pepperami
Dinner was frozen birds eye fish thing and a few leftover onion rings
Snacked on 2 Oreos during the day
45 mins on the cross trainer means for a great day exercise wise too


We dont hav a waitrose here, think its abit out my budget in anyways
Aye am an aldi fan meself, its decent n well cheaper then the most of the others. I also like heron but u dont tend 2 get much fresh stuff there its mainly frozen stuff n i dont hav the space 4 loadsa that
I like morrisons or asda if theres particular things in cos they hav more stuff in then the cheaper ones. I dont do big shops tho, little n often 4 me cos i dont drive so can only rly get what i can carry


There is always an £18 off £60 code knocking about for Sainsbury’s. We use one at least once a month, just use a new email address. Handy for bulk pet food at about £30 then the rest of anything reasonably priced (their tinned soups or items on offer).

Then we do about £100 between Asda & Tesco online shops, with a few bits as needed from the local One Stop. We buy in bulk, especially in items that we use when they are on offer, don’t mind own brand on certain items but won’t buy the value brands. Aldi do some nice stuff but it’s not worth the trek unless we are in that area.

I think overall we eat on about £50 a week & there’s me, the missus, 2 adult children & a baby in the house. Now we have cut out a lot of the junk, it’s funny how cheap it is.

Which brings me to tonight’s meal…


Sofrito sauce, simply pan-cooked with mushrooms, peppers & tomatoes & divided by two, with half a packet of firecracker rice. Under 300 calories.

Been a good day.

Oppo ice cream might be an optional extra at this point…

(Which is why the deficit shows lower in the final pic :+1::pig::pig::pig:)


Been a stupid day 2day. Had 2 apples + 2 cheese n pickle sandwhich in breadbuns
Not had tea as yet cos went 2 the gym late, just got behind on everything. Dunno which is gona win out of hunger or tiredness. Will i eat or just get 2 bed hmmmm