Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 8


Evening, gents. Not sure about today, had a Chinese for dinner with the parents. Had a massive portion of vegetable curry but only had half a container of boiled rice. Previously it would’ve been the full portion of rice and chips after 10 cans of lager!

Hoping that, as well as the bread filled day, won’t have an impact on the scales on Tuesday, but if it does, I won’t be too fussed.

B: 2 brown toast with peanut butter.
L: Soup, cheese, coleslaw and salad baguette.
D: Huge Chinese vegetable curry with half a portion of boiled rice.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.

Hope you’re all well.


Morning ppl
Woke up 2 a nice thing 2day. I looked at myself in the mirror n actually hated what i saw abit less then normal. The last few days av had strong feelings like am very digusting in everyway. Suppose i always feel abit like that. And i probably always will b cos no weightloss is gona effect my horrible teeth n generally unpleasentness
…and am still a long way from were i need 2 b. Still all wobbly and blobby. But like i rly thought i looked BETTER. I dont like lookin at my body so av not rly been keeepin an eye on it so it did come as vaguely nice suprise


I get you, mate. I look in the mirror and get happy that I’m shrinking but then focus on the negatives and get down about myself. It’s happening less and less though as I know I’ll never be perfect and I’m beginning to accept it.

You’re doing great things though, mate, so keep it going!


Exactly. Am never gona b perfect (physically but also in general) but it doesnt mean we cant b happier


I know what you mean mate. I always say that I have been fat all my life, and I genuinely believe that… but there are photos (that escaped my cull) that suggest otherwise at various times.

I am nearly 55 and have been looking in the mirror to shave for almost 40 years… but never actually ‘looked’ at myself because I hated what I saw. By not looking at myself I could ignore the reality.

Since starting to lose weight I started looking in the mirror, and was disgusted by what I saw, which prompted me to take control and change things.

I have now lost almost a third of my former body weight, and love the fact I can ‘feel’ bones and muscle, but I still don’t ‘like’ the person in the mirror … and probably never will.


Aah mate i kno what u mean like. I dont hav many pics from childhood/when i was younger, partlys cos i dont like havin me pic taken. but its pretty certain av always been fat cos i dont really remember a point when ppl didnt say i was. It was always an issue and it getting brung up made me self concious about it

I feel the same about never really lookin at myself. Also agree weight is part of this but not all cos its like a deep thing of that i just feel awkward n abit disgusting not even just weight or whatever its like just me as a person

I kno its daft way 2 think, am probs not that bad but ah of course thats easy said, hard 2 fully belive always.

Hopefully we can both feel a wee bit better off the weightloss eh


Perhaps like me you have rewritten history, holding on to the negatives? I have spent more time in the last millenium than this one, and have only 3 pics to show for it. This is my fave pic of me ever … yes I’m on the way up weight wise, but I was happy.

I’m on a lake in Kissimee,Florida with my then partner. Don’t remember being happier whether thinner or fatter since. Weight isn’t everything - don’t let it rule your life my friend.


Ive definitely been thinner than I am now, but ive never been pleased with how I looked. Now when I look back at pictures of the younger fitter me I’m pretty jealous of myself. Anyway, I had a good day yesterday and managed to stick to just 2400 despite a curry in the evening. Im going out for chinese tomorrow so planning a low calorie day today, aiming for 1400 tops.


Yea thats probs true. Im 24 so i dont hav loads of adult life 2 look back on but i feel like av been around along time lol. I defo focus on the negative n get like self pity thinkin some bad sh!t happend in my life. And how some of it was my fault. Mebbes i shud write a list of good things what happend/good memories so i can prove 2 myself there was

Nice 1 mate. 80s by any chance? Nah its a cool pic looks like good times.
Thanx 4 the wise words mate :slight_smile:


80’s - howdy’a guess. Gotta love a mullet :rofl:

deffo try to remember the good times - its what life is about.


Pat Sharpe eat your heart out


Never had the balls (green or white) to go ‘blonde’ :rofl: … but hey, who’s watching now? :thinking: so maybs get ahead of the curve… forget diet … maybe time to dye it :scream:


:grimacing: you’ve been watching @Zero4 and his bants for too long


Had an alright day so far but I’m going out for Family meal tonight so unlikely to stick to a healthy option.

Breakfast, colleague offered to go to McDonald’s and I just had a bagel with jam. Proud of myself for that.
Lunch; chicken mayo sandwich and some grapes and apple
Also went to the gym today and did half hour on the cross trainer.


Porridge, proper fish & chips whilst out. But a repeat of last night’s sofrito vegetables & rice balances that out. Mint oppo ice cream, an apple & a creme egg complete the food so far.

1604 calories but 9000 steps so far & going for 3km jog with the dog soon.


Bizarre. I look in the mirror, I see my jawline is starting to reappear, I see that I look healthy now, I see that I look relatively young compared to people I went to school with.

I wasn’t always fat.
Circa 1990:

Circa 2000:

Yet by approx 2008 I can see now that the fat was developing:

To 2016:

Never again.


Be a while before my jaw line returns, last time I had one I was probably in nursery.

Not a bad day, met up with some friends from uni, tried to order a veg curry with halloumi fries but they’d ran out, so I had battered halloumi with chips and peas. No idea the calories, but I’d had no breakfast and a small dinner to counteract the calories.

B: N/A
L: Battered halloumi, chunky chips and mushy peas.
D: Vegetable stir fry with noodles.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: 4 litres + 7 alcohol free beers.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend!


@Biffa94 You’ve got to keep focussing on the positives. Small changes, clothes a little looser, a little less man-boob, Everyone’s definition of perfect is completely different. Our battle everyday is in our heads - how healthy do we want to be - everything else comes from that. Other people’s negatives thoughts about us are a cancer. Their positive thoughts and comments are beacons of hope. The more positivity you get in and around your life the better. We’ve got your back on MvF and in this group - we’ll all succeed together.


Love the mullet - I had a similarly defined head of hair too at one point. Puts @atb88’s locks into perspective…


Just woke up for a Lillian Gish - what do you mean puts my locks into perspective?

Tread carefully. :joy: