Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 9


When’s the start date going to be for this one?

Can’t wait to get started, determined not to fail this time :rofl:


Well this finishes Tuesday either way. So we could agree a start date. I’ve a night out Thursday so easy for me to say Friday. But wherever people think. Last supper maybe before getting back into it?


Make it a last supper to Last Supper challenge?


Now you have it. :+1:t2:


Could just start the next Monday?


I’m probably gonna sit the next one out, gents.


That’s nearly a week of madnessz


I’d propose the Friday. That would be a clean 6 weeks.
There is a weekly weigh in thread that’s posted every week that people could record their weights alongside the challenge weigh in. Only thing is it has to be edited on a laptop or desktop.


You forgot flour. Calorific flour…

It’s fine…


Thats a shame


Been tracking relentlessly for 6 months with these challenges and the IAs, need a break.

I’ll still be tracking with football and no doubt will come on to the next challenge thread to abuse people for being pies, but I need some time off for a little while.


So misread ‘Calorific flour’… and combined it with being a reply to @Chocoholic to somehow read it as ‘Catholic flour’ - presumably self raising after 3 days (well it will be Easter soon) :rofl:


I did say that I would share my walking stats, although I’m sure no one else is really interested anyway.

I only measure ‘planned walks’, ie I don’t track every step all the time, only when it is planned exercise.

For January I hit 200.39 miles which averages out at 6.46 miles per day. The first few days of February were snow and ice bound followed by quite a few days of feeling cr@p, so think I did OK to hit 149.17 miles which is an average of 5.33 miles per day for the month, but combined with January brings my average per day so far this year to 5.92 miles. March has got off to a good start with 14.19 miles under my belt today.

This scales up over the year to over 2200 miles. I was initially challenged to do 1000 over the year, but said that seemed a little too easy (idiot), so someone suggested ‘a mile a year’ as in 2019 miles. Initially I worked it out and thought that was ridiculous… now I’m thinking ‘maybe’.

According to my tracker I’ve burnt around 39500 calories from walking, which I think equates to around 11 lbs of fat. I’ll take that :slight_smile:


I started the jokes by saying ‘it’s fine’ :rofl:


And not a Proclaimer in sight!


Always reminds me of this…



B: 2 hash browns, 2 veggie sausages, 2 fried eggs, beans.
L: Soup, pasta with mushrooms and cheese sauce, peas.
D: 2 bread rolls with cheese and coleslaw, cherry tomatoes and pickles.
S: Mini lemon drizzle cake.
E: N/A
W: Over 6 litres.

Terrible day, dinner was approximately 1,000 calories which I worked out after eating. Need to have 1,000 calorie days until Tuesday now to hopefully lose weight. Fuming!


So as well as cake (they don’t look too bad sliced!)

I realised I had loads of beansprouts to cook up.

So portions chinese chicken curry and sweet chilli vegetables it was.

I’ll add the calories here when I’ve totted them up so I have something to refer to for inputting on LoseIt when I first have one.


1700 calories yesterday so over the planned 1500 but Im not too worried about that. Had a cheeky look at the scales this morning, sensible eating for the last few days and I should be on course for a good final loss!


Hang in there @atb88. No need to beat yourself up youve done amazingly on this challenge. Last few days then you can have that mental rest from the challenges

Awesome amount of miles there @Unimatrix0!