Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 9


We’re almost there lads!


Where do we post after our final weigh in tomorrow? In here, or will there be a final thread?


Post it to both here and weigh in thread. As you should have a track from before. Then tomorrow is day one also.


I suspect these week has been poor overall, what with baking cakes & erm, testing them.

Well healthy eating shouldn’t be a punishment & everything in moderation.


Eaten 2000 calories today according to MFP. Burned 3350. 3 x dog walks and body combat class. Best week of the challenge for me, so the scales better be kind tomorrow or they’re being launched out of the window :joy:


B branflakes n yogurt, grapes
L 3 biscuits
T veg soup 1 1/2 cheese sandwich
Gym session


Good final day, gym session at lunch, protein shake, oranges vegi lasagne, bag of crisps for a snack. Excited for tomorrow!


Ive had a good day food wise. A small lamb shank cooked in gravy with loads of vegs. Went to circuit training. Found it hard after a 2 week lay off but got one in the bag. Came home and had a 2 egg omelette with mushrooms and chorizo.
I’m not holding out for a good final weigh in as i had a good weekend.

Final day then. Good luck and hope you all have a good target for your next challenge.


Evening, all. Went for a walk this evening, doubling my step count for the day. I might’ve been in pain from the weekend’s walking, but I’m not going to lose weight making excuses!

B: Porridge with golden syrup.
L: Soup and salad.
D: Falafel and hummus wrap and 500g salad.
S: Apple and banana.
E: 16k steps.
W: Over 5 litres.

Excited for weigh day tomorrow, regardless of the result. Good luck if you’re weighing in tomorrow!


I’ll have to report my weight Wednesday morning as I’m in a hotel with no scales today. Good luck to everyone on the final weigh in and I hope you reach your goals.


Weighed in this morning at just a half pound up. Have to be pleased with this as I was up a lot more and had a bit of a binge a few days back. Challenge total of 15.5lb and tbh if I’m not in these or the groups it would be a lot less. Day one of Easter challenge so onwards and downwards peeps


I lost 4.3 pounds this week, total for the challenge 28! I wouldnt have thought it was possible and couldn’t have done it without the help and support of everyone on here. Bring on the next challenge!


4.75lbs down!

Well done on your losses, fellas. For those who gained, have a look at yourself in front of the mirror and ask yourself what you really want. Excuses are far easier to make than progress, turn that mindset around and really look inside yourself and find that drive.

You won’t find it anywhere else other than inside you. Carpe diem!


For those sticking around for the next challenge


Am in a fcken brilliant mood 2day…this probs sounds propa boring but av been quite involved in this issue with a planning application at the council. Theres been SOOOO MUCH against it n so few of us supporting it. Yet woke up 2 the news it has been approved. Propa david n goliath thing. I just hope as happy as i am feeling is as angry as all the other lot is hahaha

And yes av not weighed in yet…but unless i somehow put on several lbs over nite, am in 4 a loss overall. Mite not b 20lbs but its sumthing



@Greenballs the weigh in thread is not letting me edit to enter this weeks weight


Don’t worry I just copied and pasted it all to a new post on there instead


1.2lbs down for the week. 8.7lbs down overall. Didn’t hit my 10lbs target but pretty chuffed with myself for what I did achieve:

9 weeks consecutive weight loss
24 gym visits (variety of weights, swim, yoga, combat)
1000’s of calories not munched
8.7lbs down

Congrats to everyone that finished the challenge. 9 weeks is a long time to stick at it. We should all be proud of ourselves. Not often men can stop and admit that but let’s try.


I couldn’t amend either so I’ll do a post also to reflect


Well, this is fucking embarrassing… :rofl::rofl::rofl: