Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 9


Tell all dazza


Wiped out all the weightloss in a week.
Every single pound.

Week off work, ate out a few times.
That homemade cake was nice, all 4 of them.
And that plate of party food was steeped high.
And included chcolate doughnuts.
And the alcohol.

■■■■’s sake, back on it this week.

I don’t care but do care, if you see what I mean.
But am only human after all.


Most of it’ll be water weight, it’ll be gone after couple of days back on it. Don’t beat yourself up as long as you enjoyed yourself.


Today includes all meals and snacks. Need to smash it more than ever…

I have set the balances at 0.5kg loss a week for now, just in case though.


3.2 lbs this week. Was not expecting that much! (total this challenge 16.2 lbs).

More stats: down 81.2 lbs from my highest, and 45.8 since joining MvF. That’s a loss of 32% of my starting weight. Well pleased. Today’s walk was another epic at just over 18 miles (4hrs58), brings my total to 49.2 for the first 5 days of March (have to say, feel totally knackered). Love the proclaimers jokes - I am currently on 398 miles so far this year, so what’s 500 more :sweat_smile:

For me it is a constant daily struggle. I know what I should be doing - but the habit of not doing it for half a century is hard to break so I know exactly how you feel @atb88 about needing a break. I feel for me though the temptation is still to ‘reward’ myself with food (ie ‘well done you lost a pound - have a pizza to celebrate, and put on 2 lbs’), so need to carry on, not necessarily to lose too much more, but to learn how to ‘maintain’ without it feeling like a chore everyday. Have to say, and I know there was controversy about it but ‘Nothing tastes as good as slim feels’ is a bl00dy good mantra. Loving my new look, feel and energy. Might even go for a before and now pic later :scream:

@Darren_Welch Harsh result mate. It was just down to timing for you - if you had put all the weight back on half way through, you’d have lost it again by now.


Grand total 8lb yea happy wiv that eyyy


Bloody annoying we can’t edit the weight in posts. Want to see how everyone got on at the end. Was going to tot up how many pounds all the finishers lost in total.


Mate I had problems last week too, but sorted it eventually (PC had rebooted and helpfully reopened all tabs, but not signed me in. I still saw all new posts but couldn’t comment).

This week rebooting and logging back in didn’t work, so “Quoted” myself (do ya see what I did there - quoted quoting myself :roll_eyes:) then replied to myself removing the quote html. How many signs of madness does quoting yourself in a reply to yourself constitute :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m not talking to you. You’re now lighter than me! Pipped me on the final week



The awkward moment when you are talking to yourself about talking to yourself. Well done on the losses. Just said to the wife 2 more pounds and I’m 50lb off my starting mvf weight from 2017. I can’t believe those numbers


The other bizarre thing is that during the match on saturday I felt that I was running faster/harder than ever before.


Actually I was talking to my friends… they live inside my television :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think everyone on here deserves a ‘well done’ mate.

If you have achieved your goals “WELL DONE”.
If you are still getting there “WELL DONE”.
If you are struggling and come here for support “WELL DONE”.

And I guess even people who have joined our groups and given up still need a “WELL DONE” for trying something new, even if it wasn’t for them.


You’ll get me next time mate :grinning:


Only mucking about mate. For you to lose that much weight from a relatively low starting weight is immense! Inspirational in fact. Well done mate


OMG you have put on 48 lbs since 2017???

Seriously, WELL DONE mate. :joy:


Ha ya crafty feck. Some of the numbers I’m
Telling myself I’m struggling to believe. Not that long ago I was touching 23 stone now I’m 19 and a half. Even yesterday I said 15 is achievable having believed it was well beyond me.


So with ya mate.

Let’s face it “we are all doing great”. I hope you are proper proud of yourself.


Don’t forget get ur fat asses on here for the next one. Who knows if there’s enough we may even do a bikini challenge for the summer.


Well I might be able to manage a Linda Lusardi, but I think Sam would Fox me :scream:


I think I am. Well yeah I am. But I know I’ve a bit to go. I’d have never got here if it wasn’t for challenges, groups and for people calling me out. I get this shit on email as well as you all know. For some reason it took a forum of accountability to get me to lose weight. Wife tagged me in this site years ago after Jason manford mentioned it. I never knew what I was getting myself into. I’d love the football tho but even tho I can play here knees say no for a while.