Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 9


Folks the losses here are to be commended. And we should all give ourselves a pat on the back. 9 weeks of it and it’s not easy. Credit to all those contributing as great for the site and it shows why we are all here. Numbers speak for themselves.


Someone’s had a drink.


Had a beltin day me. Ate a few pancakes. Good news about a planning application. One of me fav djs liked my post on social media n i never even @ him in it. Finished a v good book. Av hardly been smokin at all, basically quit apart from the odd few on a fri and/or sat nite. LOST OVER HALF A STONE.
am sortin out my problems sortin out my life. Luvin life. Winning. An av not had a drink 2nite haha
Ooooh an wer goin 2 wembley ah yea nice 1


Nice one matey :muscle:


230.5lb. Up 0.5 for the week which is annoying BUT lost about a stone so can’t complain


Great results from everyone over the entire 9 weeks. It’s been great to follow the ebb and flow of the comments and realise that there is a huge amount of support for people that we don’t know, are unlikely to ever meet but who are in the same boat on this weight loss journey.
I knocked off 3.5lbs this week taking total loss for the challenge to 32.4lbs. That also gets me below the 300lb barrier for the first time in many, many years. 298.3 lbs will be my start weight for the Easter challenge. Still a long way to go but I’ve lost around 10% of my original start weight. Got to be good for me.


Just the one but you bollix’s need a pat on the back now and again


@Darren_Welch shirley you dont mean you put 9lbs on in a week?


Scales said 106kg 3 times yesterday morning.
They said 101.9 kg the week before. :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Thats mad isnt it. Same scales, same spot on floor?


Yep. We did get through 4 cake loaves that weren’t up to scratch, sausage rolls etc,

Watch it tumble by next week… hopefully.

I’m 6ft 2, size L, the only fat left is around the waist, etc, etc.


Good stuff mate

Jump on the Easter Challenge train if you havent already. Ive just hopped on board. We got this!


This is probably better here:

Results are in!

Between those who posted their end weights (I went looking through all the threads) we lost 157.81lbs!

For those whose results I couldn’t find, could you let me know and I’ll add your figures and update the final scores. @Zero4 @Steve_Green @Orion1 @martinwhite @Drums1875 @Nutterz @craigpeters @RobN

11st 3.81lbs lost, lads, that’s a sterling effort!


I maintained really then :rofl:


We all did really well then, you smashed it mate!! Is it possible to work our what percentage people have lost? I’m not good with maths :joy:


Thanks, mate. Will look at percentages if I get chance today, if not, over the weekend.


Update (including percentages)!

174.01lbs total lost!


Thanks @atb88

Nice work lads. We lost a whole person between us!