Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision


Morning all.

Few heads from the Xmas challenge are starting from the 1st Jan a 20by Pancake Tuesday challenge. 9 full weeks bit of slagging, no bull shitting just tell it like it is.
All are welcome.
In the Xmas challenged we had a few hit the 30lb. One hit 60 and others hit 10 and above.

Just hit up the thread and work from there

Over to you @Zero4


In like my life depends on it.

Oh wait, it does.

Tuesday 5th March is our deadline which, as you’ve mentioned, is 9 weeks away, meaning average weight loss for the duration is 2.222lbs per week which is a nice and healthy rate of loss and should be easy enough after the Christmas gluttony!

Looking forward to getting stuck in again, gents!


Let’s keep this simple fellas - on all the 30 day group posts we’re quite rightly expected to remain polite and grant equal respect on the weight loss endeavours of our fellow group members.

NOT SO ON THIS THREAD. Enter at your own risk…if you say up front you’re going to do something and then FAIL (there’s a word you can’t really use elsewhere)…if you fail in this thread you’ll be bollicked…last group it wasn’t quite as derogatory as we’d originally thought, but that could be different.

Many joined up and said they’d lose the weight, but then £ucked off never to be heard of again, whether they couldn’t take derision or simply slapped ON weight but didn’t have the balls to admit it we don’t know…but if you reckon you could and will lose 20lbs between January 1 and Pancake Day, come and be a fellow tosser!

@Greenballs is kindly setting up a weigh-in log page, and @rkr786 might, if we ask him really nicely, repeat his table of losers? (Pretty please?)…


If you’re losing weight, do you still get derided? :thinking:


I’m in. Hoping this will work well along side the 30day day groups as well. The more support or in this case rollicking the better.

I need to get rid of this weight once and for all.


Why not?..if you said you’d lose 6 lbs in a fortnight by cycling an extra 100 miles in that timeframe, but lost only 1lb because you ate well but remained on the sofa - in this group you’ve £ucked up!


I’m in ya bunch of bollucks


Now @Steve_Green …if you want to read someone being derided even when he’s overall doing well, watch @Drums’ little space!

If anyone can £uck themselves up on a weekend bender, he’s the boy!


Well and truly screw things up. I won’t mention the Christmas week then. See you all on the 1st of Jan.

Oh by the way. I hit the gym this morning for the first time in about 3 weeks.


Aye go on then, throw me in :+1:


Same format at Xmas one. I’m expecting the slagging to be as @Zero4 can dish


Im in but we will hav 2 see how it goes if i get slagged off or whatever.


@martinwhite …rules quite simple…don’t £uck up and no-one says a dickie-bird except applaud you… balls-up on a promise (you made about yourself and what you intend to do tomorrow/next week/before Pancake Day) and await what comes your way.

However, bear in mind it’s the reason the last thread/group (30lbs by Xmas) lasted 5 months retaining its core membership whereas many 30 day groups disintegrate within 10 days.


So I can eat whatever the hell I want until 1st Jan, then that’s my starting weight?
(Yes, Christmas is causing a slight increase…)

Aye, go on then, I was planning to aim for 1kg a week in 2019 anyway.
Maybe disadvantaged being lighter than a fair few of you but I still have more than 20lbs to shift.

I will play football or run at least 3 times a week & keep my calories lowish…


Think am gona just crack on as i hav been but more focus on interminent fasting thingy. Christmas hols spoilt my gym routine abit cos it effectd the opening hours so am keen 2 get back 2 that. All in all iv not gained any weight over xmas so am happy with that. Mite even of lost a lb

At the end of the day i can only try my best n hope thats good enuf 4 every1


I hate the actual weighing bit about weightloss. I supoose it has 2b done tho else i wont kno if i done it or not


Not one of us enjoy stepping on the scales to see how truly fat we are, mate, but it’s got to be done to be able to quantify our losses.

We’re here with you though, mate, through thick and thin!


Yeah get on them. That’s what we are all here for. No fcuking about. Record a weight and work from there. Sharing is sometimes easier. No one judges here.


I kno. Just not a good experience even when its gone down. Weekly is enuf for me tho


I do daily so I can keep an eye on it. Bit of an obsession. But it’s better to have it out there. Like an IDGAF moment. No one judges which is what’s best about here