Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision


Aye. I think id get abit hung up on it if i done it that often. I dont hav scales at home so that stops me keep checking


I’m in training for this now.

This counts as pre-season training, right?


I had a freaking salad for dinner tonight. I must be crazy. Soooo glad the holidays are over. New Year’s isn’t that big of a deal. A plate of chinese food and water.

Ready to go.


Am back at work 2day me. Not bothered tho in fact am glad things is gettin abit back 2 normal. Gonna b a caffine powered day


Don’t worry @Darren_Welch, depending what I weigh in at on January 1st if I lose 20lbs I too will be at target weight.

If, as I suspect, I’m already under 200 lbs by start-date in fact a 20lb loss would be too much, so we’ll have to see. It’ll be a nice problem to have!


I’ve gained about 8lbs this past fortnight.

I love Christmas, maybe a little too much.


Ah, well that at least gives you a better starting platform to lose 20lbs by Pancake Day!! Too easy in fact!:grinning::grinning:… I’ve LOST 5.8 lbs since start of my 30 day group ten days ago (I had a sneaky little weigh-in today), and around a pound of that over Xmas Eve to today I’d guesstimate!

I’m reckoning starting this challenge around 195 lbs, my lightest for years and years, with a goal weight of 180…so I’m £ucked to start with so far as achieving the group target!


I’d like to join with personal aim of 10lbs by that date, if that’s okay with you chaps. I am going to go lactose free for good too (on medical grounds) so will need all the support I can get!


I’m all for it if we could all have separate targets, 20lbs is obviously too much to lose for some. Not sure how easy that would be for @rkr786 to manage though?

Looking forward to this, I’ll be weighing in on my home scales this time as there’s no football this Tuesday.

Good luck going lactose free, @Chocoholic!


Well you could AIM for 20 and if you £uck up and fall short on 11 you’ll be devastated!


I wonder what foodstuff @Chocoholic is partial to?


Unfortunately it’s not salad!


I’m having an ongoing battle with 24 Fererro Rocher I’ve put in my drawers… I’m winning but it’s only been 6 hours today.

I’m shaky


Surely if they’re in your drawers they’re melting? … unless it’s that £uckin’ cold!

Throw them, or maybe preferably, give them away NOW. I say give them, but you’ll not be doing the recipient any favours, but then they might be skinnier than you! (No offence)


None taken, you’re probably right.

I went to the supermarket instead of ordering a takeaway this evening. Not sure who I am these days. If I’d had the takeaway, I’d definitely have busted open the chocolates.


Yeah, but have you given them away yet?..put yourself out of your misery.

Work out the number of calories the box contains; then how far you’d have to walk to nullify the act of eating them…and maybe THEN you’ll dispose of them. You don’t £uckin’ need them, but they’re clearly troubling you.

Send them to me; I’ll get rid of them…


I’d send these to you too but they would get cold if I didn’t eat them.


They were a Christmas gift from my manager at work. I’m quite enjoying the torment now tbh, more the fact that I’m beating my inner demons.

1,800 calories in the box, 75 calories per chocolate. I could have one a day but then I’m not a weirdo. I may well take them into work next week and share them out but I’m not promising anything.

If Everton don’t turn up tomorrow then I can see myself giving in! :joy:


Eat that lot before 1st January @Darren_Welch and you can’t fail to lose 20 lbs by Pancake Day #flyingstart #fromafalsebase #andwhynot?


I’m hardly trying to get a false high before embarking on 20 by Pancake.

Today’s only consumption:

Fresh salmon in creme-freche and fennel sauce with carrots, broccoli and sprouts.

…well apart from bottle of Sauvignon…then again it was after 19 hour fast + 12,000 metre (7.4 mile) in 50.22 minutes Concept 2 row.

#feelingsmokey #vaguelysmug