Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision


I lost a lb over xmas which was about what i expectd. Wee treat of a takeaway on christmas day but i hardly ate on boxing day, drinkin instead, throwin up the day after…am not sayin thats ideal its just what happened.
I did get about 9mile walk in on xmas day which wasnt as far as i hoped but still decent. Just it was gettin abit cold n grim n i got worried how am gona get home if the weather turned specially by the coast

2moro im goin 4 xmas dinner carvery with a mate who also spent it alone. It is a tradition we startd last year when i won some vouchers in a quiz


I’ll need to lose about 30lbs overall.


Losing over Xmas can’t be bad @Biffa94 …have a good scoff and laugh with your mate, and back in the game thereafter #goodhealthisbest


No @Darren_Welch … it’s 20 lbs from kick-off on 1st January…give yourself a false high! :joy::joy:. 8 lbs will be the easy-to-lose water!


I already feel more positive about my chances of shifting this weight and awful gut, just from having signed up to this forum and this group. Thanks guys


Get in there @Chocoholic …you’ll lose the 11 lbs (£uck your 10 lbs guesstimate) … just inform us how you’re planning to do it, then stick to it.

If your plan is right, and doable, publish it…stick to it and you’ll win!! £uck up and await the flack coming your way!


This I feel is an interesting extract:

…as always, if anyone would like some further information to provide context, just ask.


I have been writing out my new food plan.
I am going to lose this easily.*



Good morning chaps. I’m still around. Been to the gym last 2 days and my knee and hip playing up so abandoned the c25k and jumped on the rowed to tick over. The result is my knee has blown up. Really painful at the moment so not sure what I’m going to do about exercise. I’ve been reading up on free weight training as I’ll be on my own for the next 3 months as my lad is off travelling, so unsure how I’m going to get my cardio in. I’d planned 30 mins of that plus weights. Any suggestions


‘Hopefully’ as a word…do you think it’s a good word so far as one’s future outlook is concerned?

I’m interested what vision it might conjure up for you…


Hope is not a strategy


I personally think it’s a dreadful word. If my missus says, like she did this morning that she ‘hopes’ to be back from swimming at 12 o’clock, I know to expect her at 1, ish…

Hope is setting up for failure.


Agreed. Hope delegates responsibility to something outside of yourself.


My doctor has given me the go ahead to resume walking. I had bruised a calf muscle a while back jumping into the air to catch a ball during a student and staff dodgeball game. Just leaping into the air caused a tear and tremendous pain. The doctor was funny as she told me something like, “You know. This is a common injury for people our age. Doing a sudden movement that the body is not used to is not good.” I guess 51 is a bit old then. No more jumping in the air. The good news is that I did catch the ball. Bring on Tuesday.


By the way, What is Pancake Day?


@biffa94 m8, if u wer alone and ur m8 woz 2, y din’t u spend day 2gether. gotta be better than aguing wiv t’ queen @ 3 0’clock. LOL


We thought about it b4 but its not been possible mainly cos no transport on xmas n we dont liv close enuf


Count me in … As me mum used to say “I’m a pig for punishment”… actually I’m just a pig :frowning:

I reckon 20 lbs will get me within spitting distance (again)… at least of your average camel (and no @zero4, I don’t have the hump) … I think @atb88 might be disappointed though bless him - it’s all lies about an inch per stone - I should be about 10 inches by now :rofl:


@orion1 Do you mean what is it , or when is it?

‘Pancake day’ is also known as ‘Shrove Tuesday’, it being the day before ‘Ash Wednesday’. It’s difficult to say exactly when it is, as it changes every year, based on Easter.

Basically Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, and so is 40 days before good Friday. Shrove Tuesday is the day before the start of Lent, and so everything is chucked in a pan and cooked and eaten :slight_smile:. I’m sure any inaccuracies in my telling will be highlighted below :wink:

Typically, being British, we have simple omelettes with sugar and lemon juice to ‘celebrate’ our forthcoming 40 days of starvation.:wink:

Typically, being British, we don’t celebrate 40 days of starvation :rofl:


No problemo, will list my plan. Hope it doesn’t bore everyone! Does everyone do the same or just noobs? I’d be interested to hear other people’s approach