Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision


It was meant to be humorous.

Obviously I am going to smash it & to celebrate this fact I have just got back from Burger King.


Hey @Chocoholic, we’re pretty easy going here, and provide no governance. You are solely responsible for yourself :wink.

If you go on some ridiculous path that is clearly bad for you and you share with us - we will comment - but it is ultimately your choice. If you are genuinely looking to lose weight and get support from like minded guys (no-one else can see this, cos it’s in brackets, right?? … These are a great bunch of guys to have on side).

This is a great, supportive place to be, and they have supported me in losing 30 lbs since I joined them.


No, it’s not something for noobies. This group (basically an extension of a former ‘30 lbs by Xmas’) which was initially set up by two of us, myself and @Greenballs, as an aside to the standard 30 day groups.

30 day groups are kind of politically correct and people are encouraged to be nice to each other and pat others on the head even if they’ve £ucked up and put ON 50lbs overnight!

This thread is where members tell it like it is…if you or anyone else says that in the next week they’re going to lose 8lbs but cutting out all booze and run 15 miles every day; but then end up putting on 3 lbs by getting sloshed everyday whilst remaining bedridden, they will expect backlash and bollickings…in fact over the five months everyone was quite polite and everyone who stayed on til the end got on.

Quite a few supposedly ‘joined’ saying they were thick-skinned enough to take some stick, but then failed to post again, or more than a couple of times, because they either COULDN’T take some stick, or presumably because they couldn’t lose any weight.


@Chocoholic, of course I defer to my older (and much uglier) christmas sister, @Zero4. He is absolutely right (Oh no he isn’t).

Mate, I joined this (previous) group before my first ‘30 day group’ and got on brilliantly. The 30 day group was far tougher with it’s twice daily check-ins, and people dropping out. Jus’ sayin’.

Perhaps it is a state of mind, but if you are committed then I would say this group is for you, if you are still unsure then maybe do a 30 day group first, but I would hate for you to lose your current drive.


Nice one guys. I like it… a carrot AND stick group! I can work with that

I always played footie every Saturday or Sunday plus training and often 6 a side midweek, and weights at gym couple of times a week so have always been in decent ish shape. But sadly not these days. Health issues, quitting footie and job change all in recent years means I’m a stone and a half, in old money, overweight. With a huge beer belly, despite not drinking much booze at all.

I had to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe earlier this year a size up because I could no longer force myself into them - which was looking ridiculous anyway. I bought cheap stuff thinking I’ll soon drop back to my old size… But now I’m busting out of the new size too.

My main issue is the terrible food choices I make. Mainly in form of constant snacking of choc, biscuits, cakes etc. The username gives me away!

To be honest I’m ashamed at the state of myself these days, and I know I’m also not helping my health either. Will type my plan shortly


No I’d definitely like to be part of this group of that’s okay


Arite @Chocoholic welcome 2 the group
Am abit nervose @Zero4 @Greenballs about how harsh this is all soundin, i just hope i dinnit get wrong or slaggd off 2much when am.tryin me best. :confused: am givin it ago tho


I’m in guys… so how does this actually work then? Sorry if I’m being thick :joy:


We just all talk about it on here, what we been eatin/exercise etc how u doin an check in with weights etc. No particular rules but ideally fairly regular


Don’t worry @Chocoholic …you’re in, we take any old £ucker here!

@Greenballs you’ve gone all quiet, you need to be pinning some promises, I want to see what you’ve got planned to get all silty-like…oh, maybe you’re still in gay Paris?

I’m going to be setting out my stall later; how I’m going to wow myself with weight loss and give myself some oomph with exercise. …and how healthily I’m going to be eating! Sound familiar? - You lot do the same and put yourself up in the gallows to have rotten tomatoes and derision chucked at you for ballsing it up!


@Chocoholic Welcome on board mate! We’re starting on 20190101 I believe, so get your fridge sorted :slight_smile: I’m sure details of initial/weekly weigh in will be given shortly. Plan is great, daily check in (how doing - over/under eating etc) is more important (as plan can change).

Do you use myfitnesspal (or fitbit or something else) to monitor your calories? - It’s free and not essential but might help you to work out calories burned vs eaten (sorry if u already know all this stuff).

I’m sure you are aware that the premise of losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume. One pound of fat is around 3500 calories, so you need to expend that many more calories than you ingest in order to lose that pound. Have you worked out you r plan against that?


Good shout @josh. So does someone keep a chart/league table of how everyone is doing?


Im gona put my goals but i dunno how 2b ambitous what if i fail. What actually happens if ppl is struggling? Plz


Would it be helpful to make this more structured, i.e post by a certain time or is it literally just post as and when you want to?


@Zero4 I hope you have taken into account the calories used carrying your rower back across the channel - please tell me you rowed back alone :rofl:


Maybe set out your general plan of attack on what you’re planning to do over the coming 9 weeks to lose 20lbs.

Then each day (hopefully) you can state any other shorter term efforts you might put in over next day or two, but otherwise post how close to plan you’re sticking, and where you’ve cocked up.


Based on the last group, nothing happens, people dwindled until the end. Only 3 of us hit 30lbs I think.

@Zero4 didn’t, the fat bastard!

If you’re getting stick, don’t worry about it, it’s encouragement in another form. Nothing is meant in a bad way. We’re all here to fight for a loss, hopefully more people stick with the challenge this time.

@Chocoholic - @rkr786 is our spreadsheet man.


@rkr786 kept score last time, and loads of well appreciated effort he put in to it too.

Hopefully he’ll be able to carry it over… ?


Oh , whose rattled @atb88 ‘s cage? ffs.

…and you only lost 60lbs, so you’ve not much to gloat about…you skinny runt (rhymes with).


Just showing them how bad it can get if you don’t hit target. :wink: