Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision


M8, you done brilliantly - you know how far you can go - it is up to you to set your target. No one will judge it. EG if u gotta lotta sh!t c’mnup go low, if u in da groove go4it m8. Be realistic we int gunna b first on mars, but we might both walk 10 miles 2morrow - geddit? Make it real m8 :wink:


Ah well. I think ill keep it 20lbs, how am gona do it, diet intermitent fast, gym 3x week, MEBBES do jogging outside. Reckon ill smash it


Aye. Ill probs get the target …whether i stick in the actual group til the end is another thing but like hopefully cos i hav good experience of groups b4


Cheers @Unimatrix0

Yep I’m well up on the nutrition side of things but just been ignoring/in denial for too long. Myfitnesspal is a great tool. I’m planning to use it as another way to keep myself in check.

Okay so my plan in a nutshell:

Exercise - 1. keep hitting the weights at gym (been going twice a week in recent months) 2. write out a proper varied weights programme. 3. Add swimming to end of workout once a week. 4. (dont laugh) but get back to yoga once a week! Started it early in 2018 and loved it despite me being sh1t. Fell by the wayside as weight kept creeping up and confidence went down. 5. dreaded cardio

Diet: - 1. Go lactose free. I am lactose intolerant but ignore it. No longer. I did a trial for 6 weeks recently and managed to have nearly two thirds of total days lactose free. So I can do this - no matter how hard it is. 2. No more cereal bars/biscuits/cakes as snacks. Swapping for fruit, nuts, protein shakes. 3. No more huge sugary fattening puddings. Swapping out for home made low sugar snacks or low sugar jelly. 4. Less carbs and more veg and protein for dinner. Arghhh bye bye beloved chips!


Sounds like a good plan


Cheers Biffa. Sorry for such a long post!


Nowt 2b sorry 4 like :slight_smile: seem like u thought about it alot


Weight loss is 80% what you shove in your mouth.

So I plan to just play football on a Monday and do either 2 other football or running nights, like I do now.

Meals I am having a revamp. Stopping soups, minimising the amount of salad to only 2 or 3 a week. Still having breakfast, elevenses, lunch, ryvita after work, dinner and then supper if still hungry.

Am very confident of getting back in the game from Jan 1st & today’s shopping delivery full of cooking from scratch ingredients reflects that.


Here’s the plan, although done myself no favours in this group by losing, I believe, around 7 to 9 lbs by January 1st start date within last fortnight by going onto Intermittent Fasting… too much success, to early!

Premature ejaculation you might say!


Stationary rowing: Min. 70,000 metres per week.

Gym Cycling: Min. 70,000 metres per week.

Alcohol-free full month in January

Intermittent fasting , minimum fasting 20 hours per day/night (ie) 20:4

Foods: Basically Mediterranean Diet of fish, lean meats, fruit and vegetables only.


Am not startin properly til 1 jan
Sorry about me btw will try harder


Thus far, I’ve made the decision to have a lot less pizza. Currently, I have it every Friday and will be going for just once a month.


M8, @Biffa94 don’t worry, I don’t think any of us are at the moment, certainly not me. Way to much red wine swilling around :crazy_face:

I joined MvF just over 3 months ago, and have so far lost between 30-35 lbs, which has brought me to over 60 lbs lost since I started ‘my journey’.

We all need to do what works best for us individually. I don’t do Christmas as such, but it was an ideal ‘stop and take stock’ point for me. I reckon another 20 - 25 lbs will see me sorted - especially if I can stick there this time. That’s the biggie for me…(staying at ‘goal’). Just go at your own pace - everyone is different but we can all get there if we stick with it. :slight_smile:


I mean more like sorry 4 my personality sumtimes, i hav my moments i suppose
Ah yeah thats class mate, 60lbs i wish i done that. I went abit off track xmas to even tho i dinnit do much. Like just bit different routines n that. An it can b abit easy 2make excuses well i do ne ways


Rule number 1 to build confidence: don’t apologise when you don’t need to.


One weekend Biffa, we’ll have to meet up & have a pep talk. I know you aren’t part of the Sunderland league yet but just remember what you do or do not eat is the most important part in all this.


Aye. Its been proven cos iv been a gym regular 4 that long but still fat so thats gona b the different thing




So is there any rules on how frequently you should post on here once it’s started, weekly, daily? And am I supposed to put exactly what I’ve eaten or calories or exercise? Also are we updating everyone on how much we weigh or how much we’ve lost weekly or something?


Just post what you like, as often as you like.

The main MvF contention is that the most frequent posters are the biggest weight losers, so on that basis I’d post thrice a day if I was you!

We have a weekly weigh-in that will need to be in a Tuesday, and hopefully we’ll have a table like last time.

I’d probably be if a mind every Tuesday that “That’s 2 lbs down this week, 18 lbs more to go” type of post, regardless of a table or not.

The more YOU post, the more others will (everybody), coz that’s how it works, you and we all have more to bounce back off.


I’m probably sounding like an idiot and sorry to be annoying but what sort of thing should I be posting? I’d run out of stuff to say more than daily let alone thrice! Obviously if I need motivation I’ll post but apart from that not really sure