Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision


Pretty much sums it up there. Back from Paris today so expect to be more active on here. I’ll get week 1 set up on Tuesday so post as you wish. May get a roll call before to see whose in.


There threads for the Xmas challenge. Get a look at those for an example of the interaction. Maybe look at week one when we were all going for it. Had a few hardcore posters there losing various amounts of weight


You’re certainly not an idiot, but you are mixing it with a few here, I can tell you!


Takes one to know one, dear!

@Josh - I’ll be posting in the weekly threads on a daily basis with the food that I’ve eaten (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), the exercise I’ve done that day and the amount of water I’ve drank.

I’ll also add to the post how I felt, what challenges I’d faced and how I’d overcome them or given into them.

This method of posting allows me to be honest with myself as well as the group and if others are suffering similarly, or have done in the past, they can throw out hints and tips to help me. Likewise, I’ll be giving as much support to everyone as I can on here too.

We’re all in this together and the slagging and derision is only ever light hearted and meant in good will. Nothing ever gets TOO personal, more motivational than anything. We hold each other to account, but the most important thing is to hold yourself to account, something I’m realising more and more recently.

That being said, if @rkr786 doesn’t fancy putting a spreadsheet together, I should be able to help out in that respect. It won’t be as fancy as his but I’ll be happy to help out.


Not long now! How many of us so far?


Preseason training still going strong! :joy:




You still got ALL those Ferrera Rocher, or Ferrer’s Richer as spellcheck calls the @atb88 . ?

Ferrer could be Richer in calories than you if you have them away.

If you HAVE still got them you should eat them before January 1st, Day One of 20byPancake.


Still got all 24 in the box, mate! Plan is to dish them out on the last day of the MvF season (January 8th).

Just need to be strong until then!


Guys I’m counting 11 or 12 starters for 1st Jan.


I’m in.


Have you got me down?


Yeah I just counted through the posts to see. We have one half in. @Biffa94


Yes :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan mate I’ll try and post every day as a minimum (twice if I can) if anyone doesn’t hear from me it’s probably because I’m feeling sorry for myself after not wanting to admit I’ve had a s**t day so please try and abuse me to get me back on the wagon! Literally be as personal and abusive as you want for me as sometimes some good old fashioned tough love is what I need!


Is right, lad! Looking forward to this, no holds barred. :joy:


If ne1 wanna kno owt personal things just ask i mite not answer but u can ask.
@Greenballs Btw i am 100% in i just mean i dont guarentee i stay if the slaggin gets 2 much 4me personly or if im bothering ppl etc. Its a step in2 the unknown so i dinnit wanna make promise i cant keep if that make sense


There’s no personal questions. The slagging and grief are just if you promise to do something then don’t do it. You have to prepared to be called out on it.
No filter here as such where the groups can be nicey nicey at times.
Eg if I said I was going to McDonald’s then I know a certain guy here would call me out on it on why and if it’s what I should be doing. And may remind me a few times after that @Zero4


Yeea thats what i mean. I dont rly like ppl greifing me when im trying my best we all make mistake only human. Which im not saying dont slag me off cos i guess thats the rules that i agree 2 by entering. Im just dont want 2b in a situation were i am extremely distressed u kno what i mean? I dont wanna hav 2 walk on egg shells. Are ppl allowed 2b encouraging in a kind way an all or just a harsh way?


I’ll be dishing out a bit of both, mate.