Change of diet

Just swapped my low carb diet to a more balanced diet. This week I put on which was disappointing, is that due to my body storing the carbs as it’s a sudden change. Have been eating lots of fruit too (natural sugar) which is also a big difference. Any advice appreciated…


If you were in calorie deficit you would lose weight.

What do you mean by ‘the body storing carbs’?

The body can store carbohydrates in the muscles and liver as glycogen, and use these stores as a source of fuel for the brain and muscles during physical activity. These glycogen stores are limited, so it is important to be fully fuelled at the start of any exercise.

If you’re blaming that for weight gain… sorry to say, you need to be a bit more honest with the calorie intake.

You can eat anything you want as long as you have a calorie deficit. No one diet is ‘better for weight loss’; however some diets are healthier than others.

If it’s just one week in it’s likely water retention, I moved from low carb to a more balanced approach and gained 4lb the first week, straight back off week 2.

If it’s a consistant gain then as @Darren_Welch says it’s a calorie issue, just keep the calories in check and you’ll be good!

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