Change of mentality equals results!

Just thought I’d drop a post in following my first four weeks at Man v Fat.

To date I have lost 6.5Kg or a Stone in old money and over 6% of my body weight and have certainly lost inches around both waist and chest and tight shirts now fit well.

I’d put this down to more of a change of mentality more than anything driven by Man V Fat. Yes I’ve made some changes to the way I eat especially at work, but I’m still enjoying my food and lifestyle at the week. (lifestyle being a nice way to say beer consumption).

With regards to the mentality change I’m talking about, I’d say that being part of a group all focusing on the same end goal has really helped me strive to want to lose weight. When I make food choices I’m driven by not only wanting to lose weight, but ensure my team does well both on and off the scales. I find that this really helps to push me on further.

In March last year I had got down to 14st 7lb, the lowest I can ever remember but piled back on the weight to my starting weight at MvF of 16st. Hoping to reach my own target of 14st by the end of the season and smash my 10%.

Does the group mentality help you?

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Yes totally!

Last week for example I was away, and not wanting to let my team down meant I continued to eat well, and not just go hand have all the things that taste really good and not do anything good for me.

I have only done 4 weeks of MvF Football as I joined at the end of the season but I’ve almost lost 1 stone now (based on scales at home this morning) and I totally feel a lot better for it, and more positive about everything! I am wanting to loose about another 10-15kg and then I will be happy! even though the NHS says my perfect BMI is about a 25kg loss! down to 75kg

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just read your post and it really hit home - I sometimes find it hard to put into words what MvF has done for me and why it works so well and you have just managed that.
I started MvF in October 207 and am coming to the end of my second season (and at 50 years of age I thought this would be a really test of my ability to keep up) - I am now down to my lowest weight since my 20’s at 15st 6, when I started I was 22 stone exact!!!
My life is transformed and I will live much longer as a result.
Keep up the good work - its amazing what can be achieved!!