Changing teams

Seems like there is potentially a chance MVF teams could be shuffled around every season or two.
What are people’s thoughts on that?
For or against?

I see the pros and cons with doing it.
If the league is unbalanced and say the top 2 teams are running away from the rest, then for the other teams it becomes tedious getting beat every week, and not enjoyable.
But then if you stick with the same teams, you make really good mates and spur eachother on better as you know eachother more. I think it depends on the influence of new players aswell, if theres loads of new players coming through, then they are likely to be keen to get loosing weight and can be a boost for any struggling side in the leagues.
But I do see the arguemts for it and against. I wouldnt like my team to be mixed up, were only in our 2nd season as a newly formed team.

Yes I agree on both counts, I’m in my first real season with my new team (had a month/6 weeks last season but wasn’t playing due to injury). Ideally I’d like us to stay together, its only since getting back on the pitch that I really feel part of it. Playing wise the league is quite well balanced. Funnily enough I played in another league 12 months ago before getting injured and that featured 1 or 2 teams who were getting battered week in week out.

I belive that the official stance is that teams should be mixed up at the end of every two seasons, which if you have jsut joined a team then it can seem a bit harsh.
I guess each league has to be looked at on it’s individual merits. If you have a stable league where all the players have remained the same throughout the season and there has been no-one leave and no new starters, then why bother changing.
If you are in a league where there has been an influx of new players and they are all being put in the same team, then it isn;t really fair on them either.
We are hoping to expand from 6 teams to 8 teams at the end of our current season, and if the two new teams are only made up of brand new players they are goind to be at a disadvantage. They may well win all their games on the scales, but may not be able to perform well on the pitch, which could cause them to become disheartened and then quite the league, therefore the only option would be to mix the teams up and start from scratch

We were talking this over last night, I’m not sure how many in our league are waiting to start - apparently it could be over a dozen (no idea if that’s anywhere near accurate). We are currently 6 teams too and the general consensus was pitch wise the league has been really quite even. I think with 2 league games left 4 teams can still win the thing.
To go to 8 teams - which if we have over a dozen waiting could be possible, although maybe squads of 9 - would either involve 2 entirely new teams as you say or a reshuffle. Again it was mentioned to me that the idea may be to mix teams up on a ‘good keeper, good defender/mid, good attacker’ for each team then a more random selection to finish the squads. Personally I quite enjoy seeing a good team spirit and whilst there’s no doubt that can still be achieved with other players and teams if it means switching teams every 6 months then it would take the shine off it for me.

From my own personal experience, I am now 2 weeks into a new season (season 5 for me) The first 4 seasons the same team won the league. The season just gone they absolutely walked it and were beating teams by a good 6-8 goals on the pitch alone. Season three we had a brand new team join they didn’t like the always winning team battering everyone every week and they left after a season. Season 5 now and teams got shuffled around and the always winning team have left as they wanted to stick together. But on the plus side we now have an abundance of players again and the teams look pretty even in terms of skills on the pitch. So for the league wide stance our league is now very well balanced and should be a lot more enjoyable. Like I said for the personal aspect now. I was in the team that was second in the league, last season we were doing alright, had a good bunch of lads who were doing extremely well on the weight loss side and it looked like we had a good chance of contending for the title. But due to shortage of players it tended to be us v half the team we should be playing and half the always winning team. Now for me we ended up getting pasted on the pitch week in week out. There was little enjoyment in the football and it affected my weight loss. I ended up finishing the season weighing more than when I started 4 seasons ago. Being captain I was great at motivating my team mates just not myself. Anyway with the team reshuffle I have found the fun coming back in the football now and am determined more than ever to shift a load of weight this season.
I myself like to mingle with all the players regardless of what team they are in and I find the team reshuffles are great for meeting new friends and creating a more friendlier league with strong bonds with all players.

Interesting thoughts Alan. Hopefully (for me anyway) our league’s current set up is maintained for at least another season as it is relatively well balanced. But we’ll find out in the near future as this season only has 3 weeks to go

I joined with a couple of mates a few seasons back on the proviso that we could be in the same team as we had played football together in 5 & 7 a side for years, we joined a team that hadn’t been doing very well for a good few seasons and with the football we now play and the team spirit we have built over the last few seasons I would begrudge having to swap around as it isn’t the same in every team, another mate of mine joined and again wanted to play with someone he knew and has had an excellent first season losing about 3 stone and getting his 10%, if it ain’t broke