Chelmsford/Skill Levels


Hi all,

Off the back of a Facebook ad I decided to sign up for Chelmsford. I’m just wondering what everyone’s skill levels are like (generally, not just Chelmsford). In addition to being a tubster, I don’t necessarily know I’ll be a great player. Will feel a bit of a berk if everyone’s a lot better than me!

Also, I haven’t heard anything since signing up. Does it just happen out of the blue? I know the league is active. Perhaps no room at the moment?



As long as you have registered for the league you should get a mail from the coach I shouldn’t worry too much about skill after all shedding the pounds is the goal the football is a great way of helping along with your team mates. If you don’t hear anything email the coach


I play in a couple of man V fat leagues, not Chelmsford and you’d be surprised how good some of the players are for a team full of “fat” people, but as you get so many goals for weight loss etc if you do well off the pitch it’s probably more important than playing off the pitch. It’s full of mixed abilities though mate. When I first started playing I hadn’t played for about 10 years but your ability and stamina should increase massively over a few weeks.


Thanks for the replies. I’ve emailed the coach from the address on the MVF website but it has bounced back.

If anyone from the Chelmsford league has his contact details I’d appreciate it!


I wouldn’t worry about skill levels, mate, I started off at over 31st and could barely run a few yards and my ball control was awful. I’m still going and I’m still hopeless, but I love it, as I play my part more off the pitch than on.

Good luck with it all, hopefully someone gets back to you soon. @MvFFootballHelp should be able to point you in the right direction with regards to the coach.


Hi Paul,

I’ve literally just done exactly the same as you - Chelmsford…

TBH I haven’t played in going on 18 yeard and am slightly apprehensive about playing!




Glad I’m not alone!


Hi all, if there’s any admin issues that need sorting out, you are best to email over to, so we can then resolve them ASAP.