Chelmsford week 12



With a couple of shocks and great comebacks in European football this week it seemed to inspire the players at Chelmsford where three of the four fixtures saw the lower team win!

I was fortunate to be invited to help out this week and what a week it was…

Game one saw the all blacks take advantage of having a full squad to notch up an excellent 5-1 pitch victory against Jaffa benitez(orange) and a narrow 8-6 victory on the scales resulting in an overall 13-7 victory. A win would have put the Jaffas top on goal difference but they remain well in contention.

Game two saw a very tight game between weight escape(white) and we cant believe were not better(yellow) which ended in a 2-2 draw on the pitch. Both sides played with a bare 6 and the yellows just shaded it by 8-5 due to the 3 weight goals. The whites are still only one point behind the leaders and yellows have closed the gap.

Game 3 saw a goal fest between Biggie not smalls(blue) and eat-less-ter-city(purple) with the purples winning the pitch battle 8-5 and running out 15-9 winners overall thanks to 3 tracking and 3 weight goals. The purples best chance of a trophy this season looks to be in the scale league where they are only 2 points behind the leaders.

Game 4 was the top of the table clash between Salad fc(green) and Club foot(reds) and a very competitive game saw the reds complete an excellent 5-2 pitch win for an 11-8 win overall. I only caught the 2nd half but well played Glen for the reds and the greens goalkeeper who both had good games. Both side are now neck and neck at the top of the main and pitch leagues.

Well done to our amazing losers this week Stuart Brick and Ian McDermott who have both lost over 13% this season and good luck to Vincent Webster, Carl Brampton ,Iain Shuttlewood, Phillip Hollingale, Simon Cremer and Ian Wotton as they all heading for the 10%.

Well done all for an excellent session where about 80% of players lost weight and good luck in the next few weeks where there is everything to play for.

Marks tip of the day is don’t forget the food diary’s, those tracking goals will make all the difference :wink:

Next weeks fixtures sees the yellows v reds, greens v blues, purple v orange, black v white.