Christmas fallout


Most years I’m of the opinion the best way to deal with Christmas and weightloss is to have a final weigh in for the year just before Christmas and treat the first weigh in after Christmas as a fresh start. Therefore any gain from the Christmas season doesn’t act as demoraliser.
This year I’m making an exception to that because after the first WW of the year, I’ve actually come out of the Christmas season 0.5 lbs lighter than I was before Christmas.
Which looking back over the last two weeks, and especially the food bills it becomes obvious what is missing compared to previous years. The snacks, crisps etc are way down although the fresh fruit did see the same increase as always. The amount of sugary snacks did not sky rocket as they usually do during a week of being at home. And despite deciding to by meals out instead of pizza, we’d gone for subway and the odd chipshop takeaway… which is about the same as usual.
The amount of weight I lost is down, but a loss is a loss so I’m claiming this as an extra victory. :slight_smile:
Happy new year folks