Cinema snacks

Hi all
Going to the cinema tonight. I’m babysitting and we are taking the kids to the cinema.
Every time we go we always buy a big tub of popcorn. I want to leave the popcorn to those guys and take something healthy.
What would everyone recommend, all I can think of is like carrot sticks and grapes.
Also please don’t say stuff like oh don’t have anything because to be honest I don’t have that much willpower, if there’s popcorn I will eat it if I don’t have an alternative!

Some sort of fruit. Maybe sort yourself a sandwich to tide you over. Otherwise just enjoy the night. Don’t restrict yourself

Graze do a good selection of nuts, fruit bags etc.

Crisps. plenty that are under 99 calories a packet.

French Fries, Quavers, Wotsits, Squares, Space Raiders…

You know popcorn is actually quite a relatively healthy snack though, as long as you avoid the toffee version?

I thought that but when I was looking at the prices in Vue they had the nutritional info up and a regular salted popcorn is over 500kcals and sweet is 700+!

Ah yeah to be fair I am thinking of a packet from a multipack lol

We have cineworld unlimited cards so generally make two trips a week to the cinema and really needed find a healthier snack. We get the proper corn multipacks and have a pack each each, 63 cals per bag and really tasty. They have a few varieties/sizes/flavours as well.


Sorry for the late reply. I am new to ManVsFat. This is my first post!

I too used to have trouble with snacks while watching Netflix, movies etc. This may not be helpful, as your question is what can you eat; but have you tried not eating while at the cinema? Allow me to elaborate…

I can’t remember who, but someone told me eating while watching stuff is “mindless eating” and I couldn’t agree more. You’re not focusing on the food you’re eating; you’re just eating because we’ve become conditioned to snack while watching shows.

I know exactly how you feel. When I first started not snacking while I was watching stuff, I felt somewhat agitated; like I was missing something. It didn’t take long for that feeling to go. Now I am able to enjoy watching stuff without those mindless calories.

It won’t take long to re-condition yourself. That being said, there are plenty of healthier alternatives listed above. There is no right or wrong.

Nuts are a good little snack. Only problem is you can’t really have too many. If you’re looking for quantity, honestly some popcorn isn’t too bad (just avoid the stuff smothered in extra calories). Rice cakes etc too.


Yeah the multipacks are low in calories but they are tiny so swings and roundabouts I guess. I’d need the whole multipack to get me through a film!!

Agree with that about the mindless calories. I usually have something in my hand (phone, book whatever) so in the cinema because you have to concentrate on the film I think I just use food as a distraction.

I’ve found taking a packet of Wrigley’s Extra is ideal at the cinema. The fact that your chewing still helps and tricks the mind that your ‘still eating something’. Works for me anyway

Make your own salted popcorn at home and take it om a ziplock bag or some other form. Kernels cost next to nothing and you can make on the hob very easily woth a little salt and oil. Homemmade is the least calorific, almost nothing and you can portion how you want

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