Cockburn League Week 1 May 2021

Hi All,

Welcome to the new players joining the league and to returning players. I hope you all are ready to keep up/ commence your weight loss efforts over the next 14 weeks.

Some good competitive games on the pitch this week.

Winter is often harder when it comes to healthy eating as its a time when we crave comfort foods, but with good planning we can be better prepared .

Soups and stews, using slow cookers are a quick and easy to get a healthy dinner ready, and prepare extra serves for lunches during the week. Just aim to get in a serve of protein whether thats from a lean meat or beans/legumes. Two of my go too’s are a chicken and veg soup or a minestrone which I fill with an Italian bean soup mix, you can find these in the tinned vegetable isle in the supermarket .

I freeze a few serves as well, so if I don’t feel like the same thing the next day, they are ready in the freezer later in the week when I do want it again and need a quick meal.

Another strategy to stay on track is when grocery shopping to take a shopping list and stick to what you actually need.

Great work so far with your weight loss.

See you all tomorrow.