Cockburn League Week 10

Hey Guys.

Getting to the pointy end of the season.

A competitive game between Black & Yellow this week

Weight loss leaders were:

Blue- Nil
Orange- Zahedi down 2.2
Yellow- Joe down 1.0 and Will down 0.9
Black- Sony down 2.0

Weight loss to date across teams;

Blue- down 3.10kg
Orange- down 13.9kg
Yellow- down 13.6kg
Black-down 13.7kg

League weight loss= 44.3kg

So very close on across the board weight loss wise.

This week I thought to mention Fibre as Gut Health has been very topical in recent years. Research is now showing how our gut bacteria influences our health in a multitude of ways and therefore it important that we take steps to keep our gut bugs happy. One of the best ways to do this is through eating adequate fibre. Men want to aim for 30grams per day, think fruit, vegetable, nuts, seeds, wholegrain and fermented foods. Here is a good article to read…

See you all Tuesday!