Cockburn League Week 11

Hey Guys.
Sorry again for a late post.

This week we saw 18 out of 22 players dropping weight, so a good effort as a league,


Blue- Phil Jones down 0.80kg, Richard Duncan down 0.70kg and Simon down 1.4kg

Orange- Phil Thrower down 0.70kg, Reece down 2.2kg

Black- Paul Davidson down 1.1kg, Paul Wassouf down 0.9kg, PaulConnor down 0.9kg and Kevin down 0.8kg.

Something that I’ve mentioned before is expected weight loss, and whilst a few kgs down in a week is fantastic, 0.0- 1% of total bodyweight lost per week is an expected amount. For example, 80kg would anywhere from 100grams- 0.8kg, at 100kg would be 100grams- 1.0kg and at 120kg , would be 100grams to 1.2kg.

Theres 3 seasons of Man V Fat in a year, so chipping away small amounts week after week will see significant weight loss over the year, approach things in a sustainable way, making changes that you can see yourself doing in the long term rather than quick fixes.

Make healthier eating easier by having those foods available, knowing what healthy options are available when eating out and not bingeing when you do decide to have a less healthy option .

See you all at 6pm