Cockburn League Week 12

Week 12

Weigh loss leaders this week were

Orange- David down 1.7kg
Yellow- Shaun down 2.10kg
Black- Brady down 2.2kg
Blue- Aziz down 2.4 and Joe down 0.8kg

Something that came up this week is Fad Diets,

Whilst some diets can help with weight loss and get you the results you’re looking for, overall, most require a degree of restriction, and often are too difficult to maintain long term. The keto diet is very popular right now but at the moment it is a clinically used diet to manage epilepsy by reducing seizures and there doesn’t seem to be enough long term studies. The initial few weeks of a keto diet can result in a Keto Flu’ whereby you experience headaches , cramps , body aches etc … particularly if done incorrectly and you do not obtain adequate electrolytes in the diet, this diet could also be low in fibre if your not getting adequate vegetables in.

If there is a particular diet that you’d like to try its always best to do so under the guidance of a nutrition professional to overcome any potential discomfort. Having said that, there is no reason why you cannot get weight loss results eating a healthy diet that is free of such extreme restriction. Head to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating-

to remind you of the food groups and portion sizes to get a better idea of the foods you should be selecting, and continue to bring in your food diaries for me to oversee. There is a great infographic which you can print out and keep on the fridge, this will be a great tool for those of you who have kids to see to develop healthy eating habits while they are young.

Again, simple changes gradually, week after week will see your overall dietary pattern change to a healthier one. You may start with swapping your lunch of a can of coke and pie to a wholegrain tuna sandwich with plenty of salad and a piece of fruit with water for example, and stick to that one change until it becomes automatic.

According to this article,

it can take on average of 66 days for habits to become automatic. So continue to persist to make the habit stick. With the tuna sandwich example, you may buy tuna in bulk so you always have it on hand to make preparing lunch easier.

Hope these tips help.

See you all tomorrow night