Cockburn League Week 13

Week 13

Some competitive games again on the pitch this week with yellow and orange taking out the wins.

Off the pitch we had

Joe from Blue down 0.6kg
Nils from Orange down 0.4kg
Will down 3.3kg
Simon down 0.7kg
Brian down 0.5kg
James down 0.8kg
Paul Davidson down 0.7kg
Ray down 0.5kg

Well done to those that are continually chipping away week after week. Weight loss isn’t always consistent but hopefully those small gradual changes will continue to add up and also become more permanent lifestyle changes that will see you keeping the weight off into the future.

With Christmas around the corner I thought I’d mention indulging, and whilst Xmas is a great time to spend with family and enjoying big xmas lunches and dinners, theres no reason why you can’t stay on track with your goals over the holiday period, just by being conscious of your portions and moderating your alcohol. Remember the calories in drinks will add up quickly. Make sure you’ve got plenty of fibrous veggies on your plate and don’t just go for the ham/turkey and potatoes.

We will be back first week of Feb, so with 7 weeks off over summer I hope to see you all next year, maybe down a few more kgs!

See you all tomorrow at the weigh ins and for the presentations :slight_smile: Nick