Cockburn League Week 2 June 2021

Hi all,

Sorry for the late post for last week, I’ve been down with a cold.

Weight loss leaders this week were:

Blue- Simon down 2.00kg and Tommy down 0.40kg

Black- Adrian down 0.60kg, Kevin down 0.80kg and Phil down 1.10kg

Real Fatrid- John down 0.60kg, Ray down 1.00kg and Will down 0.60kg

Red Fat Chilli Peppers- Richard down 0.50kg, Vickram down 0.40kg, Wayne down 0.60kg

Well done and keep up the healthy changes you are making , portion control, being more mindful about what your eating and increasing the lean protein over large volumes of carbs can go a long way.

Winter can make weight loss more challenging as its a time when we may want to comfort eat and be less active, but theres plenty of healthy winter recipes online for you to access to keep things interesting. If your ever unsure of how healthy a recipe might be feel free to send it through to me on WhatsApp.

I made a lemon chicken and veg soup this week while sick and made up several portions to get me a few days worth of meals.

I left out the pasta as a personal preference and added extra veggies. However small amounts of pasta is fine.

Another reason to eat well during winter is to ward off colds and flus as well as reduce their severity. Eating meals with plenty of antioxidant rich vegetables, as well as ingredients like lemon , ginger , garlic, turmeric can help keep your immune system strong.