Cockburn League Week 2

Hey Guys,

Well done on making it down to week 2

And Congrats to teams Orange and Black for their wins.

So far the league has lost 16.9kg in total, with John R from blue, Zahedi from orange, Shaun from yellow and Steve from black leading the way.

We have two new players joining us for week 3, welcome to Reece and Alastair who will be on team Orange.

Overall, food diaries don’t look too bad. However I would advise everyone to focus on 2 things moving forward; alcohol consumption- as a typical standard drink could range from 15-200 calories, and more if its mixed with sugary drinks, as well as added sugar. The recommendation is that we don’t consume more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. ONE TSP= 4grams, so our daily limit is 24grams. Aim for wholefoods (lean meats, fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes and dairy) where you can, that don’t come in a packet, but when selecting processed/packaged foods, read the label and know how much sugar you may be consuming.

See you all on Tuesday