Cockburn League Week 4 2021

Hi All,

Congrats to Yellow and Blue for their on pitch wins this week.

Quiet a few hatricks this week- well done to Kevin, Richard, Simon, James, Jorge, Wayne and Zach.

Weight loss leaders from each team were;
Yellow- Simon Dagnall down 2.2 and Kevin down 1.7
Black- Richard down 1.3
Red- Daniel down 1.2, Brian down 0.9 and Zach down 0.8

A topic that came up this week was staying on track whilst eating out and some things that I like to personally do, is look for veggies on the menu and make sure I’m getting a serve or two in where I can.

Nandos is a regular go to for me , and while it’s easy to smash chicken and chips, a healthier option is the Mediterranean Chicken Salad and a side of spicy rice. This comes out at around 700 calories which works for my goals.Its got a good serve of protein (30 grams), plenty of veggies and some complex carbs coming from the rice.

Other strategies could be looking at the menu of the places you frequent to see what the healthier options are so you know in advance and don’t get tempted by the less healthy choices and choosing water and avoiding sugary soft drinks.

Having a small snack in the hours before hand so you aren’t starving by the time you are reading to head out for your meal.

Whilst the program goal is weight loss, these are long term sustainable changes that you all should be looking to make to improve your overall health and keep the weight off long term.