Cockburn League Week 5 2021

Hi All,

Weigh loss to date is 57.20kg well done!

Leaders this week were:

Blue: Andrew Douglas down 1.30kg , Andrew Jones down 1.20kg and David Mahon down 2.10 who also has achieved a 5% weight loss bonus for Blue this week , congrats on achieving this milestone this week David! hatricks also scored by these three players.

Yellow; Brandon down 1.6, Phil Jones down 1.3 and both scoring hatricks, along with Simon and Tommy.

Black : Gareth down 3.10kg and Will fuller down 2.30kg

Red: Joe down 1.5 and Jorge down 1.10

Well done Boys

A topic raised this week was gut health.

Something that you all want to stay on top of is your vegetable intake, I know I’ve mentioned this before but it is very important as its one of the main sources of fibre in our diet. Men need 38grams per day. One cup of vegetables contains 8grams, so getting your recommended 2.5 cups of cooked veggies per day will give you 20grams of fibre.

You can obtain fibre from your two serves of fruit as well as wholegrains like rice and oats as well as legumes such as beans, lentils and chickpeas.

Getting adequate fibre will reduce your risk of colon cancer as well as keeping things moving each day.

Our gut is where a large part of our immune system is based and so again, feeding your gut bacteria with fibre will help to keep your immune system strong warding off colds and flus as we head into winter.

Watch out for artificial sweetners in low car sports bars/ products as these can upset your gut as well.

Maintaining adequate hydration throughout the day by getting close to 3 litres of water will also keep things moving and keeping your digestive system happy.

Staying hydrated also has the added benefit of increasing your metabolism :slight_smile:

Congrats also to team Black for your win !