Cockburn League Week 5

Week 5…

We had a few missing players this week, but still some solid games.

Well done to the weight loss leaders this week :

Blue- John Reigler 0.9kg down

Orange- Adrian 1.0kg down

Yellow- Brian 1.1kg down

Black- Ray 1.4kg down

Black- Brady 1.0kg down

Yellow is in the lead in with weight loss at 13.3kg to date (across 8 players)

Hatricks this week went to Brian, John Flannery and Simon from Yellow, Paul Davidson, Paul Wassouf and Ray from Black and John Reigler and Adrian from Blue and Orange. Congrats and keep up the consistent effort boys.

Unfortunately 5 players did gain a little this week, and those that are above their registered weight have scored ‘Own goals’ towards their team scores, which is -1 goal. Remember, a weight loss goal is 0.5, whilst an own goal is 1, so a heavier penalty.

For this week I’d recommend everyone focus on ensuring they base their meals around protein first, thinking about lean meats, eggs, fish, tofu and legumes, and then adding as much vegetables as possible with each meal, and consider reducing your portion sizes of carbohydrates if you think you are consuming too much.

Choosing water rather than high calorie drinks will also help things move along in the right direction.

See you all Tuesday for weigh ins !