Cockburn League Week 6

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the later than usual post.

A close game between black and orange last week.

Welcome to new players Mason (yellow) , Phil (orange)and Rob (orange) hope you guys enjoy the games and the remaining 7 weeks

Well done to the weight loss leaders this week:
Blue- Joe Psalia, down 1.2kg

Orange- Zahedi, down 2.3kg

Yellow- John Faulkner, down 1.6kg

Black- Ray , Paul Connor, down 2.0kg

The league weight loss total is at 38.5kg,

with 17kg coming from Team Yellow.

Team Blue, time to make the most of the next 7 weeks, with 2.3kg down from the team.

Some strategies that I personally like to use to keep me on track each week are:

  1. Plan meals ahead of time, I buy up veggies I need for the week and my protein sources, I prefer chicken breast/tenderloins, beef (steak and mince), tuna for sandwiches, and usually have tinned beans/lentils in the pantry as well. I have rice and potatoes as my go to carbohydrates.

  2. I pre-portion snacks, like chips, chocolate and ice cream rather than taking the whole packet/tub to the couch. That way I know how much I’m eating and don’t eat mindlessly.

  3. I make sure the fruit bowl is stocked each week, so when I come home from work and I’m craving sugar, I have a piece of fruit rather than some other packaged food often which is low in nutrition.

  4. When I cook dinner, I often make enough for lunch the next day, or if I know I won’t be in the mood for the same thing , I’ll freeze the extra serve so I have a ready meal on hand.

  5. Access to recipes- Nobody is going to stay eating a healthy diet if the food tastes bland. I like to use plenty of fresh herbs and spices, fresh lime juice, a little bit of soy/tamari on my rice if I’m having an asian inspired dish. We can easily see cooking and deciding what to cook the family for dinner each night as a chore, but by having health conscious cook books, or following some pages on instagram , as well as the WA Gov healthy recipes at your finger tips, it’ll make deciding what to have for dinner a whole lot easier.

Click the link below:

See you all tomorrow night