Cockburn League Week 7 2021

Hi All,
Congrats to Yellow and Blue for their on pitch wins

Weight loss leaders this week were;
From Blue, Aziz down 2.6, David down 1.0 and Andrew D down 0.8
From Yellow, Jack down 1.5, Rajou down 2.0, and Vickram down 1.0
From Black, Gary down 1.5, Phil down 0.7
From Red, Zach down 1.3

Hatricks going to Gareth King, Jack, Rajou and Daniel

Well done Gents!

One common thing I have noticed looking across your food dairies is not getting adequate protein throughout the day. This is very important as it ensures that the weight you are loosing is fat and not muscle. To rebuild any lost muscle would mean getting in the gym and lifting weights through resistance exercise and continuing to maintain and then increase the protein in your diet.

To do some quick maths multiple your current body weight by 1.2 and then 1.6, and this is the range of protein per day you should be aiming for; eg: For someone who weighs 80kg, this is 96grams to 128grams per day.

Make sure you get a source of roughly 30grams at each main meal and try to get some at your snacks too.

150grams of chicken breast= 46.5g
3 large eggs (50g egg)= 16.8grams
220gram can of baked beans= 10.6g
150grams lean beef mince= 31.5grams.

Read this article for a better understanding of why its so important to get enough and how it helps with weight loss and preserving muscle mass:

Heres some high protein foods to get you started: